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Published on August 19th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Grimm’s Tales of Terror Vol. 2 #11

terr11Playing on our fear of strangers. This story deals with the phenomenon of hitch-hikers and the dangers inherent when we trust total strangers. This issue begins, appropriately enough, on Route 66 at two in the morning. The driver swerves to miss running into a hippie that he sees on the road. His car crashes and when he gets out the hippie is gone. He stops into a diner to call for help and get a cup of coffee. The waitress is an attractive lady who gives him a free cup because of the day he’s had. But is she really friendly?

The Creative Team:

Brusha and Lopez bring us a twisted tale frought with fear as they show us a man who needs to learn a little tact in his life and not to be an arrogant prick. The Waitress at the café begins to tell the stranger a little story about the Heartland brothers who were in the same business he was in. After the waitress finishes her story, the tow truck arrives and helps our driver pull his car out of the mud. However, when the tow truck driver asks him what he was doing while he waited for her. She doesn’t believe what he said and he can’t prove the details that he told her about. But that becomes irrelevant as they proceed to bring his car to the shop.

Roger Bonet gives us some frightening images as the waitress unfolds her little story and we witness death in a way we’ve never seen it before. The waitress, though a fine looking woman, obviously has something wrong with her as her expression is deceivingly pleasant and the art reflects this in a strong way. Great horror elements help propel this story along. The splash page on page 21 is extremely effective and is sure to give a chill or two to the reader.

The Cover:

It’s a simple cover of a black automobile with a passenger in the back seat with a look of fear on his face. He seems to be pounding on the window, like he’s trying to get out. There’s smoke coming out of the exhaust, like he’s speeding along with no way to stop. Well drawn and should do the trick of bringing the reader into this sordid tale.

In Conclusion:

It’s a terror filled ride as the driver, who is seemingly just an innocent salesman tries to get his car back on the road to complete his business. What could the waitresses story possibly have anything to do with him since it happened decades ago? We are drawn into this universe unexpectedly as we see the drivers deep, dark secrets come into the light. The hippies, the diner, the tow truck driver, the waitress, they all have their little secrets. Skeletens in the closet have a way of coming out and revealing themselves. A must have issue for any horror anthology fan.

Grimm’s Tales of Terror Vol. 2 #11

Writer: Joe Brusha, Joe Lopez
Art: Roger Bonet
Colors: Sonia Moruno
Letters: Fabio Amelia
Publisher: Zenescope
Publication date: August, 20 2016

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About the Author

Kevin Given has studied with "Longridge Writers Group" and "Writer's Boot Camp" a speech/communications major from the University of Maine Presque-Isle/Orono sites. He has created the "Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter" franchise which includes 2 novels and 8 comic books. They can be found on amazon, Indyplanet and Kindle. For a limited time you can get digital copies of "Karl Vincent: Vampire hunter" #1 and "Files of Karl Vincent" #1 for free on Indyplanet. Kevin is producing the third novel in the series "Dracula Rising" (working title) and developing "Foul Blood" into comic book form.

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