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3 Comic Heroes Who Should Be Rebooted In Film

Superhero movies are more or less out of control. Marvel and DC have gotten about as big as it gets (though Marvel is way out in front in the comparison and you all know by now how I feel about most of the DC-movies), and we’re starting to see more fringe projects taking shape.

Case in point, Everette Hartsoe’s RAZOR-franchise made it to Cannes last year and with Rob Cohen (Fast&Furious, Hurricane Heist) attached as well as actress Emma Dumont, it is a point proving that it’s not just the Batmans and Iron Mans of the world that can make a splash in cinema. Sure, these and their assorted allies and nemeses may be the best bets for a billion-dollar box office showing. But other heroes can make it these days, in solo films, on streaming services, and sometimes on television.

That leads us to thinking about some comic heroes we’ve actually seen on the big screen before, but who haven’t made it into the modern studio empires just yet – and who could stand to be rebooted.


Blade is the vampire/martial artist who was brought to life by Wesley Snipes in an enjoyable but also increasingly silly trilogy beginning in the late-‘90s. Chronologically speaking he could be said to have launched the modern superhero cinema trend, particularly given his association with Marvel. But the truth is that Blade’s films were nothing at all like other superhero movies of the last 20 years. And frankly, we’d like to see something more like these dark, semi-gothic action movies back in the world of superhero movies.

There have been whispers of John Boyega, most famous for playing Finn in the new Star Wars films, taking on the role in a reboot. However, Boyega has indicated nothing’s in the works. There are also some rumors of Blade joining the modern “MCU,” with Snipes potentially attached – but this just seems unlikely. As far as we’re concerned, a brand new one-off superhero flick (with sequel potential) featuring a new, young Blade and having nothing to do with the rest of the Marvel Universe, would be very exciting. There’s a universe to be built around this dark, sword-wielding antihero, and it would feel refreshingly original.

Ghost Rider

It’s almost amazing how quickly Ghost Rider was forgotten as a cinematic character. The only real legacy of this odd, creepy branch of Marvel is a slot arcade game that still exists online when other Marvel games have been wiped from the internet. Gamers can now enjoy dozens of classic and modern movies in slot form, and for some reason Ghost Rider is still among them. But unless you happen to have stumbled on this game, you probably haven’t thought about Ghost Rider since you first saw it.

It’s true that the film and its sequel weren’t exactly masterpieces. But the character is comic book gold. A motorcycle-riding antihero who’s literally made a deal with the devil is just the touch of darkness Marvel has long been lacking, and could introduce a whole different kind of superhero movie. It would take a disciplined creative team to keep the whole thing from getting campy or unintentionally amusing – we’re under no illusion that Ghost Rider can easily be taken seriously. But the right approach could make him an incredibly compelling character.


Here’s one you probably didn’t see coming. The Rocketeer, or just Rocketeer, is an ‘80s comic book hero by Pacific Comics who was the subject of a 1991 Disney movie that virtually no one remembers. There’s now some buzz about an animated reboot, but frankly that doesn’t sound very exciting. What could be interesting is a live action remake with the character reimagined in a little bit of a more serious light.

The Rocketeer is interesting because Cliff Secord (the stuntpilot who by accident gets his hands on an experimental piece of equipment) flies around with a jetpack – but does so on his own timeline, which is basically the ‘30s through the ‘50s. With the somewhat dull exception of Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class we don’t really have superhero flicks that spend meaningful time in the past. And the idea of a relatively ordinary guy flying around 1930s New York Iron Man-style and fighting crime actually sounds like a ton of fun. This hero would give a studio a chance to really explore a period piece superhero drama.


We also would not mind seeing more of Cliff Secord’s girlfriend Betty, who is modeled after “Queen of Pinups” Bettie Page. In the meantime just get the lovely comics by IDW and you will bridge the momentum till the movie comes out in true style!


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