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Amigo Comics July 2018 Solicitations: Summer-fun with Rogues and the Apocalypse

Next July is an Amigo-month with a summer breeze attached! Scorching hot titles from the wastelands!

We have Sword & Sorcery done right with a new Rogues! series debuting, a new issue of the scify-horror title Titan as well as Nancy In Hell. We have a re-solicit of Apocalypse Girl and we have a new Sallybooks-imprint title called The Astronaut.
And if that is not enough, we offer the first Rogues! in TPB format in which superstar artist Juan José Ryp will show you just how Cursed messing with a Chicken is!!

You do remember NANCY, who is stranded in a vast wasteland, looking to survive a demon chase while her Lucifer is calling for her! After 2 miniseries and a crossover with Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon apparently the story is long but over, just prior to her TV-debut! You can check out the pilot at IMDB, which was funded via Kickstarter.

Amigo Comics’ new imprint -Sallybooks- is intended for children and young teens, and with the Astronaut title we reach for the stars!

Amigo Comics! Look for us in Diamond Previews!

Amigo Comics! We’ve even got corner boxes on the cover!

And remember: PRE-ORDER!! Preferably via your friendly neighborhood comic book dealer!

PS Previews off all below titles can be found on our website.


Author(s): El Torres
Artist(s): Jordi Armengol
Cover Artist(s): Stefano Martino, Nacho Castro
UPC Code: 713482801897-00111
Alternate Cover: 713482801897—00121
Intended Audience: Teen +
Genre: Comedy, Sword and Sorcery
Format: Comic book, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

El Torres writes Rogues once more!

Bram and Weasel are back… and they screwed it up again! After a long journey, our rogues are bringing a strange souvenir: The Eye of Byatis, which they are trying to sell before it rots. Or before it brings a certain doom upon the city of Gerada… The Great Old Ones!

Notes: RETAILER INCENTIVE cover by Nacho Castro. Free served ratio 10:1

NANCY IN HELL #2 (of 4)

Author(s): El Torres
Artist(s): Abel Cicero
Cover Artist(s): Abel Cicero
UPC Code: 713482801880—00211
Intended Audience: Mature readers
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Format: Comic book, FC, 28 pages
Retail Price: $2,99

While still being chased by infernal agents, Nancy finds companions on the long road. The “Lucifer’s Lions” biker gang and their base of operations, the bar run by The Widow. But what catches her attention is a dark and rickety structure, almost forgotten. The Church that lasts in Hell and the secret that hides.

“This new Nancy In Hell explodes in your hands and mind’s eye like Geoff Darrow’s Shemp Buffet. A wasteland, chainsaws, badass characters and demons galore! ”
– Comicsforsinners

Titan #3 (of 4)

Author: Colleen Douglas
Artist(s): André Stahlschmidt, Wesllei Manoel
Cover Artist(s): André Stahlschmidt, Wesllei Manoel

Intended Audience: Mature readers
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
Format: Comic Book, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

ISBN: 713482801873-00311

Metanoia: Senator Levy, Titan’s uncle wants control of her cosmic power. To get it he’s willing to coerce obedience; blow up her home, murder her mother and lobotomise her father; his own brother. But Titan is the Mother of Monsters; a Cosmic God, her nature wrathful, and she bows to no one.

Rogues! TP 1 The curse of the chicken and other stories

Author: El Torres
Artist(s): Juan José Ryp, Diego Galindo, Miguel Genlot
Cover Artist(s): Ruiz Burgos

Intended Audience: Mature readers/Teen+
Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Sword & Scorcery
Format: Comic Book, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $19,99

ISBN: 84-16074-74-7 -51999

From the poultry-ish and terrible consequences derived from the kidnapping of a wizard’s daughter, to the incursions into forgotten cemeteries to summon a lich, as well as being chased by bounty hunters, or being thrown into a prison and even guiding some assassins through underground tunnels in a shady mission… Being a rogue isn’t an easy job!

This volume contains issues 1 to 6 of Volume 1 of ROGUES! created by EL TORRES and JUAN JOSÉ RYP!

Special Notes:


Author: El Torres
Artist(s): Ramiro Borrallo
Cover Artist(s): Ramiro Borrallo

Intended Audience: Teen
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Format: Comic Book, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

UPC: 732030830837—00311

Young Frankie has been kidnapped by the Demon Dukes. Metis, along with the survivor Ollie and Sil the Angel, are on their way to his rescue, running through a country teeming with monsters. Maybe… that isn’t a good time to be fooling around with kisses, Metis. And besides, who’s really Mom?

Special Notes:


Sallybooks and Amigo bring the best for kids and young readers!


Author: Carlos X. Díaz
Artist: Guillermo Monje
He had a fascination with stars since he had use of reason. His passion will make him start an incredible voyage full of surprises and discoveries, even about himself.

This work is focused on children with special educational needs, mainly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), although it can also be used with chil-dren with similar problems in communication and/or development.

Intended Audience: Kids Books
Genre: Kids Books
Format: Kids 7,87 x 10,23 inches. 50 pages, FC.
Retail Price: $9,99
ISBN: 9788417255077-50995

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