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Published on June 10th, 2021 | by Richard Boom


BAD IDEA Is Over, Will Soon Announce FINAL FIVE Titles

According to some hype BAD IDEA is spreading ’round, this publisher is over and done for… or it is just hype meaning this incantation is over and a new IDEA will rise from this all… we will see. The press releases reads:

“BAD IDEA is over, long live BAD IDEA!”

In the wake of yesterday’s shocking news, the BAD IDEA faithful have been asking themselves many significant questions. But only one truly matters:

Are you ALL IN on BAD IDEA?

Because BAD IDEA (as you know it) is going out with a bang!

The next and final wave of BAD IDEA books — a line-up we call the FINAL FIVE — consists of five mind-melting, long box-busting titles of pure comic book brilliance by, what is without a doubt, the greatest collection of writers and artists ever convened. An assemblage of comics so guaranteed to excite and dazzle that we’re going to offer them for a very special blind pre-order!

No details about the FINAL FIVE stories, titles or the creators will be revealed until Thursday, June 17th. However, one day prior to the unveiling we will be holding BAD IDEA’S FINAL FIVE PRE-ORDER DAY event — a chance to pre-order all five of the final BAD IDEA books and guarantee nothing BAD IDEA-y prevents you from completing your FINAL FIVE collection.

Here’s how BAD IDEA’S FINAL FIVE PRE-ORDER DAY event works:

1 – The FINAL FIVE is made up of five titles (15 issues) on-sale between August and December.
2 – Connect with any BAD IDEA Destination Store ONLY on Wednesday, June 16th (in-person or by any other means accepted by the store).
3 – Pre-order all five of the FINAL FIVE titles with your store. You are pre-ordering blind. No titles. No story details. No creative teams. Only the cover price and number of issues will be released by June 16th. Consult your store for their pre-order requirements.
4 – If you’re one of the first 10 people to pre-order all five titles at your store, you will be awarded a swanky FINAL FIVE redemption sticker.
5 – The sticker can be used to redeem, from BAD IDEA, one copy of the first book in the FINAL FIVE line-up. Why would you need to redeem another copy of a book you’ve just pre-ordered? Trust us, with what we’ve got planned, you’re gonna want the help.

Miss the BAD IDEA PRE-ORDER DAY and you’ll miss the FINAL FIVE redemption sticker, along with the second chance it grants. But, rest easy, you’ll still be able to pre-order any or all of the FINAL FIVE line-up until each books’ order deadline.

After that, it’s all over. We’ll have done everything we set out to do.

Will BAD IDEA return?


If we’re ever needed again.


During a podcast some more details are coming out in the genre off “why not” and truth be told, BAD IDEA has some great fun messing with fan’s heads and the industry itself, making notable waves and broadcasting FUN all across the board!


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Richard is the driving force behind Comics for Sinners. His love and admiration for female comic book characters is virtually unparalleled, which immediately explains his biggest 'sin': his Hot Mummy fetish. This sketchbook theme is philogynistic in nature and even the source of his WIP comic book series "The Sisterhood".

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