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Published on June 8th, 2015 | by Richard Boom

Beau Smith’s WYNONNA EARP Greenlit By SciFyTV

earp2SciFyTV reportedly greenlit the production of a new supernatural western series, based on Beau Smith’s WYNONA EARP series, about a descendent of the legendary Wyatt Earp who investigates supernatural cases.

“Wynona is a member of the U.S. Marshals’ Black Badge Division which was started by Teddy Roosevelt,” Smith told. “Whereas standard US Marshals hunt fugitives from the law, members of the Black Badge Division go after super­natural criminals.

There are vampires, were­wolves, immortals and all kinds of monsters who all have their own branches of crime. The attraction of ‘Wynona Earp’ has been this hierarchy of paranormal organized crime system where you have Immortals and Vampires at the top levels , zombies at the bottom, and all kids of creatures in between. At conventions that’s where I get the most questions. Fans always want to know the ‘Sopranos’ side of the story. I think that would be a big attraction to a lot of TV viewers.

“I started Wynona as a series for Image Comics,” added Smith. “Back then Joyce Chin and Mark Irwin were the artists as well as Pat Lee. I brought her back at IDW for a series called ‘Home on the Strange,’ a story in the ‘Tales of Terror’ hardback novel, and a graphic novel called ‘Wynona Earp: The Yeti Wars .'”

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