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Belit & Valeria are putting Swords Vs Sorcery in new Robert E. Howard-series

Belit & Valeria: Swords vs. Sorcery #1, a spinoff featuring two popular characters from ABLAZE Publishing’s Robert E. Howard adaptations will be published on May 4th. Howard first introduced the fearless pirates Belit and Valeria in the 1930s in the pulpy pages of Weird Tales magazine. This new series is written by Max Bemis (Polarity; Oh Killstrike; Moon Knight) with stunning artwork by Rodney Buchemi (HULK, X-Men, KISS, Marvel Adventures)

ROBERT E. HOWARD’S HYBORIAN AGE UNLEASHED! See its true skull-cracking barbarian nature, its unrestrained blood-splattering violence, mayhem, and sexuality!

Rising from a watery grave, Belit once again finds herself commanding a ship, sailing the seas in search of adventure…and answers. But when a deal goes wrong, she finds herself teamed up with the woman she was holding prisoner: the equally beautiful and deadly Valeria.

These two iconic characters will find themselves traveling across Hyperborea on a mission to find out how Belit lives once again that will lead them straight into danger…from the gods themselves! Bonus material includes the original Robert E. Howard essay, “The Hyborian Age.”

BÊLIT & VALERIA #1 will feature four variant covers by renowned artists, including Marco Turini, Olivier Vatine, Leirix, and Rodney Buchemi.

Writer Max Bemis said, “I’ve always been a fan of the ‘riskier’ side of fantasy; from DarkSouls and the Witcher to Gaiman or the Princess Bride, I love fantasy that fcks with you. Some of the first risky fantasy I truly devoured were comic book adaptations of Howard’s work, and I’ve never seen his ideas look as beautiful then they do at Ablaze. They’re taking steps further by allowing some voices from the great writer’s universe to speak for themselves; specifically, two that are decidedly not that of the decidedly pectoral Cimmerian school of choppery, Howard’s two most bad-ass heroines. Think of this as Lethal Weapon a la Game of Thrones, and you have a hint of the weirdness we’re cooking up. I’m honored to be given the reigns for these girls’ first journey and promise it will fck with you from page one.”

BELIT & VALERIA will be available in print and digitally.

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