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Published on April 20th, 2013 | by Richard Boom

Bifrost by Bill Willingham and Frank Cho

bifrostBIFROST is the name of the fabled Rainbow Bridge of Norse legend.

This is a story about Mary Fimbul, illegitimate daughter of a Valkyrie and a certain hammer-wielding god of the north. Mary’s tough and strong, can see ghosts, and also happens to be the only survivor of Ragnarok, the final battle that ended the gods and their rule over mankind. As the sole surviving descendant of the royal line, Mary now controls Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, which still connects our world to Asgard and the other nine worlds, even though they’ve been unlivable wastelands for untold millennia.

Today Mary is a licensed private hero (still serving out her one-year probationary status), working out of Spokane, Washington.

Mary’s partner in the hero trade is Mr. Finn (short for Infinity Chimp), an immortal talking chimpanzee. He’s an amateur gourmet cook, a recovering biblioklept, and such a savant at pattern-recognition so as to make him quite possibly the greatest nonhuman detective who ever lived.

He’s the brains. She’s the muscle. Got it so far?

The fun starts when the two of them take on an easy assignment to find out who is killing sheep on one of the ranches owned by the Volusungs, the largest registered lycanthrope wolf pack in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. It’s a simple weekend job. It’ll put a little money in their pockets while allowing Mary to travel into the big city, on someone else’s dime, for her first annual Panthan Society Ball, now that she’s a newly minted member of the worldwide fraternity of heroes for hire.

But it turns out not to be just a simple weekend job. A handful of missing sheep is only the tip of the iceberg. In no time at all things spiral out of control, and our intrepid duo of paid heroes find themselves caught up in a desperate struggle for the safety and very existence of the known worlds. The question of who ends up with control of Bifrost is the key that will settle the matter, one way or another.

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