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Brian Pulido Talks Hellwitch

Direct from the Coffin Comics newsfeed comes this exciting news about Brian Pulido’s newest adventure: Hellwitch!

“Since we’re only 1 week away from launching Hellwitch: Hellbourne #1 on Kickstarter we thought we should go directly to the source to get the inside scoop on Coffin Comics hottest new character Hellwitch!

Jimmy Calabrese: Mr. Pulido it looks like you did again. When we announced the Hellwitch Kickstarter folks started to go wild. So, I have to ask – Why Hellwitch?

Brian Pulido: Lady Death is a cold, remote character who holds her passions to herself. I wanted to create a character who was the opposite: blatantly angry, sexual, emotionally hot and passionate.

JC: What is the story about?

BP: We frame the story with Hellwitch’s “present”: she is near dead after being defeated by Lady Death daughter, Chaotica (this happened in Lady Death; Apocalyptic Abyss #1). She recalls her beginnings. It is an origin story. We show her life, her struggle.

JC: Why tell this story of Hellwitch?

BP: I am a fan of origin stories. When we see where a character began we can get invested in the character, even the character as nearly unlikable as Hellwitch.

JC: How is Hellwitch different than Lady Death?

BP: They are night and day. Lady Death is emotionally cold. Hellwitch is emotionally hot. Lady Death has a moral code. Hellwitch does not. It goes on from there.

JC: Why should people care about Hellwitch?

BP: I have a history of creating edgy characters who skirt on the edge of likability. At their core, we can understand how they came to be, even root for them. Though Hellwitch is a villain, by the end of the story I believe you will care about her and her story.

JC: Why should Coffin Comics fans be excited for Hellwitch?

BP: This is the edgiest story we’ve presented. It has sex, nudity and violence. This is the one fiends have been hoping for.

JC: What can we expect from the Hellwitch Kickstarter?

BP: I’ll say this: we’ve put our souls into this Kickstarter campaign. We are pulling no punches. We are going all out, and we have surprises planned!

JC: Why/how did you pick Diego Bernard as the interior artist?

BP: It is my job to find artists that are up and coming and unleash them onto the world. I’ve given platforms to top industry artists like Ivan Reis, Eddy Barrows and many others. I’m looking for lightning in a bottle. We tested Diego and he “wowed’ us. As a fan myself, I want to look at pages with that “IT” factor. Getting Diego’s pages in are a treat every time. We look forward to the possibility of working with him again in the future.

JC: What inspired the Hellwitch story?

BP: For reasons stated above, I wanted to present a character with more edge. I wanted to push the boundaries. I wanted to create a character that was in contrast to Lady Death. And I like to tell stories that take place in Hell : ).

JC: How does this story fit into the Lady Death universe?

BP: This story is a critical piece of the unfolding puzzle that is the Coffin Comics universe.

JC: Any last remarks?

BP: Thank you for considering backing Hellwitch: Hellbourne #1 on Wednesday October 17th at 7:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. We are in love with our Hellbourne queen and if given the chance, we would love to present more stories of her life in Hell. #Sworn

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