Contest: Shahrazad


You could ‘ free style’ with visual art, words or you could tag/share the Shahrazad image and all that did may bask in the glory of C4S’ official THANKS!

There could however only be TWO winners of below prices, as each wins one package of 4 limited BDI prints of the C2E2 covers, worth 20$ each. Total prize is worth 80$ of amazing art !!:

SH four pictures
SHARE/LIKE winner is: Sir-Xon Witness
FREE STYLE winner is Luke Atay who drew this image:

Shahrazad_Luke_Atay052013It is a illustration about the power of words, and how being beyond the truth of a slave had set Shahrazad free. We see her rise from being UNDER control, to the one holding all the power.In the final frame, the story she chooses to tell about those in the room can only be The Greatest Story Ever Told (for obvious reasons), and the one in which we can assume has made her Queen! The characters are also a bit ambiguous, and could assume many roles in an endless amount of stories (the Darth Vader guard could easily play Shredder, or the thin grandpa Yoda a massive Hulk…and so on). Imagination was all she ever needed to survive.Artistically, I also wanted to show her evolving with each frame as well, from a cave painting to something more substantial, cool to warm, as she comes to life. And to illustrate how the weight of the chain disappears…This is why I am so excited about the release of Shahrazad! It is more than a tale of woman who escaped her captivity. It is also about how WORDS and ART made a slave a Queen. Beyond mortal. We writers, poets, painters, and musicians can all relate I think…

You’ve heard of the 1001 Arabian Knights, the tales told by the Arabian Queen to pique her Sultan husband’s interest and spare her life night after night. But the most important story is still left to be told, that of Shahrazad herself. What happens when our brave heroine has experienced so much, told and lived so many tales? Will they remain unique and separate memories, or will they mesh into something beyond belief? Fantasies and realities meet with an incredible result in this truly epic exercise in creativity in a comic book!

Big Dog Ink is out to prove that when it comes to a comic book, fans can indeed have it all. They have put together a top notch art team to compliment the rich, inventive and unique story of the many lives of our Queen of Storytellers. Mike Krome, Nei Ruffino and J. Scott Campbell, all amazing artists normally reserved for the variant or exclusive market, will grace retail interior pages and covers every month. And if that weren’t enough, the exclusives offered for various Big Dog Ink convention appearances will be second to none!

Big Dog Ink and Comics For Sinners invite you to come on board for a unique contest, celebrating the launch of Shahrazad.

For the contest we asked the fans to let us know HOW MUCH they are looking forward to the new series and/or BDI, and put it in words via a poem or a story, via a video on Youtube, via new art, inked art, colored art etc.
If one does not feel up to this, C4S asked that they TAG/SHARE yourself on Facebook on/with the image they could find on the C4S official Facebook page.

SH four pictures

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