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FCBD Review: Red Giant Entertainment Offers FCBD Every Month of the Year!

FCBD14-rectangle_2014_facebookFree Comic Book Day 2014 is a merry Xmas for all comic fans around the world. Comic Shop Owners can order promotional comics, previews and even special introductory issues of the best publishers listed under Diamond Publications. Comic Shop owners with a great heart for the good cause are handing out these comics on this very special Saturday.

ComicsForSinners also has a big heart and will try to give a lowdown on all comics that will be available on this special day and would love to know what comics you have gotten on May 3, 2014!

Giant-Size Adventure~Magika #0 FCBD14 Edition Giant-Size Fantasy~Duel Identity #0 FCBD14 Edition Giant-Size Thrills~Shadow Children #0 FCBD14 Edition Giant-Size Action~Wayward Sons #0 FCBD14 Edition

RED GIANT OFFERS 4 comics on FCBD 2014

Red Giant will offer monthly 4 comics with 8 stories, totally free and paid for by advertisement and the eventual TPB-collections. An interesting proposition and something that is completely out-of-the-box, especially if you read the four (!!!!!) offerings and discover the quality of both stories as well as artwork!

GIANT SIZE FANTASY collects ‘Pandora’s Blogs’ and ‘Duel Identity’.

Pandora is about a young girl, having fun, meeting friends, blogging about the odd sightings in her town. Art of lovely, story is sweet yet tragic, and especially in love with the the shadow-picture captions that make it extra fun to notice what Pandora is doing!

Duel Identity is about superhero Andromeda, who at night turns in a Batman-modus called Artemis, who is ready to go as far as killing the object of her assignment… that is, until she does not get the answers she is looking for and leaves the victim unscathed.

ID is a story that is nicely thought-out, with a lot more angles then can be hold in these few pages, but somehow it works and the dynamic tempo feels like it can run into a full-fledged story with ease!

GIANT SIZE THRILLS collects ‘Shadow Children’ and ‘Darchon’.

“Shadow Children” tells the haunting story about how children sometimes disappear into a different realm. The story follows two children growing up in that world and we notice there are very dark sides to this world as well as to the children and the grownups that made up the rules. The story is captivating and the art (Cucca!!) is something that makes you run back for more!

“Darchon” is story about a man that can see monsters. Those monsters never actually DO something, but they tell racy and obnoxious tales/remarks. The guy this story follows discovers that the comic character Darcheon battles those very monsters in many realms and does so with his team of superheroes… and he is befriended by Darcheon himself. That is the point this story flips and seems more like a psychological story about a schizophrenic man in dire need of help.
The art is strong and spooky and Bram Stoker Award winner Mort Castle, makes me wanna read more and see what is up with Darchon!

GIANT SIZE ACTION collects ‘Wayward Sons’ and ‘Tesla’.

“Tesla” tells the story about Tesla. For real!! Not kidding! This Tesla is still the inventor we all know (or not) and still eager to do something outrageous and thought-provoking with energy, but this time the maching he invented as well as Tesla himself were kidnapped and put on the Eifel Tower to mark a new revolution, but Tesla is saved by this savvy Mathilda. That interaction between Mathilda and Tesla might be the core of the book and this would please me for sure. Great dynamic between the two!

“Wayward Sons” speaks about two families coming together, supernatural abilities as well as a minotaur making a mess. As far as action goes: this has loads! The story itself is tougher to follow and needs more pages to really make a mark.

GIANT SIZE ADVENTURE collects ‘Magika’ and ‘The First Daughter’.

“Magika” is a story filled to the brim with great artwork, strange fairy-tale creatures and a quest to win the hand of a little sweet lady. Add to this a tad dark twist at the end and you will be interested to see more of this… and you can… MONTHLY… FOR FREE!!

“The First Daughter” tells about the US-president’s daughter Tasha Tasker, who is part of a special century-spanning team of superheroes (all First Daughters and Sons) who can put on a nano-robotic alien armor and fight off threats. But now that the threat is the most dangerous in history, Tasha will meet her brothers and sisters and in the upcoming FREE MONTHLY stories this threat will be handled.

Red Giant is baffling… to have FREE COMIC BOOK DAY in stores around the world every month with 4 flip-comics combining eight fantastic high-quality stories… it is madness, genius and true love all rolled into one!

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