Published on April 21st, 2022 | by Richard Boom


Gary Parkin’s ‘Jungle Captive’ Concludes With A Big Bang

When writer/artist Gary Parkin was furloughed from work in 2020, there’s no way he could have foreseen what was to come next. He utilized the free time and diligently worked away on his first ever comic book project, Vampocalypse #1. After a successful Kickstarter launch, he expanded the scope of his story, and began the insane task of writing and drawing three titles simultaneously, intertwining their characters in not-so-obvious ways across a 28-issue epic. This month sees the release of Jungle Captive #4 and 5, marking a massive turning point in the story, and revealing the links between the seemingly separate titles.

Why should you check out Gary’s latest Kickstarter for Jungle Captive #1-5? Not only is it a complete story with all sorts of twists and turns, all churned up with hints of a larger conspiracy, it’s also a visual treat. Parkin’s art style is breathtaking, and not like anything else in the market today. If beautiful women are your thing, then this is the title for you. Jungle Captive is a fun, NSFW adventure with some nudity, and a lot of intrigue!

It all starts when Lauren wakes up in a jungle, naked and alone, and has to figure out where she is and why she’s there. As the series progresses she meets another “captive”, Emma, and while initially wary of each other, the two become friends. As we get introduced to Natalia, who seems to be watching the girls’ exploits remotely on monitors, we get a drug-fuelled issue of surreality including a talking dinosaur, with the third issue ending on a cliffhanger as the girls find what may possibly a way to escape the jungle.

Issues 4 and 5 mark the end of the series and both have been released simultaneously, on a Kickstarter running until the 29th of April. Will the girls escape or remain trapped forever? And what if they’re not the only ones being held captive by Natalia and her mysterious benefactor?

Click the link to see Gary’s Kickstarter campaign, and prepare to be blown away by not only Gary’s work, but by his amazing selection of high-end cover artists too!

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