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Given to Me: Spotlight On Female Protagonists

giventome_kate1Here is a quick run down of the female protagonists in the movie Last Rites: The Return of Sebastian Vasilis in the Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter universe. In production now from Crisp Film Works.

First lets summarize the plot to Last Rites: the Return of Sebastian Vasilis Sebastian; the ghost of a vampire Karl killed years ago, arrives in Karl’s office to recruit him on a mission to prevent the resurrection of the deadliest vampires known to mankind: The Hebrew Lilith, the Egyptian Sekhmet and the Hindu Kali. If they are all resurrected then they will become all powerful and take over mankind. Sebastian leads Karl to several vampire hunters that will aid him in his noble quest. It’s Fearless Vampire Killers meets The Magnificent 7.

1) The first woman that Karl recruits on his mission to prevent the resurrection of the horrific nosferatu is Kate Bryant. Kate will be played in the movie by actress Jackie Pitts.

giventome_KV2Kate’s back story is told in Files of Karl Vincent # 2. Kate Bryant witnessed her father gunned down in cold blood in her home when she was only 8 years old. Her uncle leads her to Mitsuaki sensei who trains her to become a Kunoichi (Female Ninja.) For years Kate has been tracking the man that killed her father, Yakuza Yoshi Isamu. She finally tracks him down to a drug deal with Italian Mafia members in the Catskills of New York.. It’s here that Karl recruits her on the deadliest mission of their careers.

giventome_lady22) The next woman that Karl recruits is Immortal Athena Timon. Athena will be played by actress Jaylen Byrne.

Athena was born in 43 B.C. She first appears in Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter #3. Athena accidently killed the Witch of Endor’s (Endori) sister (Nocturi.) Endori then put a curse on the 12 year old girl that she would not age until she kills the first vampire (Lilith) giving Athena a personal reason to accompany Karl on this mission. Athena is working at the Brighton branch of the Boston Public Library when Karl recruits her.

giventome_lady43) The next woman Karl doesn’t exactly recruit, but she tags along anyway. Stacy Hamilton. Stacy is the dental assistant to Dr. Chris Lee in Karl’s office building and she will be played by actress Anja Akstin.

Stacy used to make fun of Karl for being a “Paranormal Investigator” until Karl saved her from the vampire Abssi in the first issue of Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter. Once she realizes that Karl is a good guy and has given up everything to hunt the creatures of the night, she develops a little crush on Karl and follows him to Cairo Egypt on the mission that Sebastian has recruited them on. Last Rites: The Return of Sebastian Vasilis.

giventome_lady1These are the women that will aid Karl on his mission, next week, we’ll take a look at the Karl Vincent family. Karl, his wife Barbara, their two sons Keith and Jeff also their daughter Julie.

Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter comic books available on Indyplanet and Kindle, novels on Amazon and Kindle.

For your viewing pleasure: _001_-_004 Actors at the table read of the script “Last Rites: The Return of Sebastian Vasilis.” Polk Theatre, Lakeland, Florida 5/31/2015./ _005_ -_006_ Files of Karl Vincent #2: The Kate Bryant story./_007_Jackie Pitts_/008_Jaylen Byrne/_009_Kevin Given and Anja Akstin/_10_The Novel that started it all.

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