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Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Steven Roman


Happy 30th Anniversary, Lorelei!

How amazing is this? It was in 1989, thirty years ago this very month, that StarWarp Concepts’ first leading lady of horror—the soul-stealing succubus, Lorelei—made her comic book debut in the pages of the digest-sized Lorelei One-Shot Special. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve got some exciting releases and events coming this year that you Lori fans are sure to enjoy:

In April, we’ll present Lorelei: Genesis, a comic that collects Lori’s original small-press appearances, including the One-Shot Special from ’89—tales written and drawn by her creator, Steven A. Roman (hey, that’s me!).

Then in September comes Lorelei Halloween Special #1, a brand-new one-shot comic written by yours truly and drawn by Eliseu Gouveia (Lorelei: Sects and the City,The Saga of Pandora Zwieback Annual #1, Stargate Universe) and Steve Geiger (Lorelei: Sects and the City,Web of Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk), with a cover painting by legendary Warren Publishing artist Bob Larkin (Vampirella, Creepy, The Rook, Famous Monsters of Filmland). In “The Blue-Eyed Queen of Souls,” Lori and her girlfriend Felicia attend a concert by a sixties folk duo, only to find out one of them is another succubus, but this one’s from the distant future—and from outer spaaace! She also sets her hungry eyes on Lori’s soul, so you know the special won’t exactly be a love-in! The special will be offered to comic shops through Diamond Comic Distributors. I’ll let you know when it pops up in the Diamond catalog this June. It’ll also be available through the StarWarp Concepts webstore and DriveThru Comics.

Vampires of the Void will also be out in September. It’s a digital-only reprint of the 1950s sci-fi comic story that inspired Lorelei Halloween Special #1, by three comic legends—writer Gardner Fox (Green Lantern, Justice League of America) and artists Wally Wood (Daredevil, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) and Joe Orlando (Superman, Tales From the Crypt)—and involves an invasion of Earth by a race of aliens whose vast technology runs on the power of human souls!

Succubus Saturdays: In the tradition of last year’s Simian Saturdays (in honor of our King Kong Illustrated Classic), Succubus Saturdays will be a series of reviews in which I’ll examine movies, comics, and whatever else I find related to soul-stealing seductresses, sirens named Lorelei, and similar femme fatales. Succubus Saturdays will start appearing here in late summer, as we count the days until the release of the Lorelei Halloween Special.

And don’t forget, our other Lori titles are still available in print and digital formats, and can be ordered from the SWC webstore:

Lorelei: Sects and the City is a Mature Readers graphic novel in which Lori battles a cult of Elder God worshipers attempting to unleash hell on Earth. Basically a love letter to 1970s horror comics like Vampirella, Tomb of Dracula, and Ghost Rider, it’s written by yours truly, Steven A. Roman (Stan Lee’s Alexa, X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy), and illustrated by Eliseu Gouveia (Vengeance of the Mummy, Lady Death), Steve Geiger (Web of Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk), and Neil Vokes (Flesh and Blood, Fright Night). It also features a cover by legendary artist Esteban Maroto (Vampirella, Zatanna, Lady Rawhide), a frontispiece by original Vampirella artist Tom Sutton (Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night), and a one-page history of succubi illustrated by Ernie Colon (Vampirella, The Grim Ghost).

“Kudos to Roman for capturing the essence of 1970s fare like Vampirella. Filled with ghouls, chicks, and some strong artwork, this is a title that might’ve piqued Hammer Studios’ interest back in the day.”Dread Central

Lorelei Presents: House Macabre: It’s Lori’s first outing as the hostess of a horror comic anthology, in this one-shot special that contains four tales of horror, behind eye-catching cover art by fan-favorite artist Louis Small Jr. (Vampirella, Supergirl, Batman 80-Page Giant).

  • “The Old, Dark Manse” is written by me and illustrated by Uriel Caton (JSA Annual, The Ex-Mutants, Heartstopper: The Legend of La Bella Tenebrosa) and “Chainsaw” Chuck Majewski (Harvey Kurtzman’s New Two-Fisted Tales), and has Lori welcoming readers to this special.
  • “All in Color for a Crime” is another tale from me, with art by Lou Manna (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Young All-Stars). Two comic book collectors clash over a rare back issue—and only one of them will be adding it to their long boxes!
  • “The Basilisk,” from me and artist John Pierard (Graphic Classics: Horror Classics, My Teacher Fried My Brains), is a “Lori’s Feary Tale” that examines the history of a supernatural creature that’s a cross between a deadly snake and a…chicken?!
  • Wrapping up the special is “Requiem for Bravo 6,” by New York Times bestselling author and comic writer Dwight Jon Zimmerman (She-Hulk, Steve McQueen: Full-Throttle Cool) and artist Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo. A special-ops team goes on a life-or-death mission…but will they be prepared for what awaits them at mission’s end?

“Any fans of the old-fashioned horror anthology comics (Eerie, Creepy, Tales From the Crypt, etc.) is gonna want to take a look at this one-shot from StarWarp Concepts…. If campy horror fun is your thing, this should be a hit for you.”The Pullbox

Visit their respective product pages for ordering information, as well as sample pages.

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Steven A. Roman is the author of the Saga of Pandora Zwieback novel series and the graphic novels Lorelei: Sects and the City and Sunn, and the bestselling author of the novels X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy and Final Destination: Dead Man’s Hand. Follow his adventures in publishing at StarWarp Concepts.

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