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Hollywood’s superwomen 2.0: From Cloverfield to Wonder Woman to Kong!

On the 8th of March, we all celebrated International Women’s Day. Female rights are a hot topic, also in Hollywood! Actually, Hollywood is overloaded with role models for independent women. Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, those are all superwomen who stand strong in their high heels. 2016 also brings us a new generation of independent women which represents strongly our female power on the big screen!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

maryelizabethwinstead© Fashionstyle

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an incredible centipede that won’t let walk over her. This natural beauty became famous as a scream queen by the roles she played in ‘The Ring 2’ (2005), ‘Final Destination 3’ (2006)and of course as Ramona Flowers in ‘Scott Pilgrims Versus The World’ (2010). Because she’s such a beauty, she is in the tenth place in the ‘Hottest Women of Horror Movies’-list. She is a versatile lady because, apart from acting, she is also an incredibly good dancer which she proves in ‘Make It Happen’ (2008). This year, she makes the big jump as a leading lady in ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’, a new mysterious movie by J.J. Abrams.

POSTER_NLAfter an accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up in a basement of a strange man (John Goodman) who claims that he saved her from a chemical attack that made the outside world uninhabitable. Against all odds, Michelle uses all her strength , perseverance and intelligence to find out what’s really going on. Are you curious about what’s really going on? Mary Elizabeth makes you sit almost two hours on the edge of your seat while you think, “What the hell is happening?” 10 Cloverfield Lane will be released on March 16 in movie theatres.

Click here to view the trailer already!

Brie Larson

brielarson© Filmtotaal

Oscar® winner Brie Larson is omnipresent on news- and filmsites. We know her ‘Scott Pilgrim Versus The World’ (2010) as the hotrock star Envy Adams and as Molly from‘21 Jumpstreet’ (2012). She received the Oscar®for best actress of 2016 and we didn’t expect anything else. Her performance in Room by director Lenny Abrahamson has blown away everyone. Remarkable was the performance from her opponent, the young Jacob Tremblay. He’s only seven years old but he’s unbelievably talented. Together, they show the inscrutable relationship between mother and child in an amazing way. That’s the reason why we are all very curious about how she will perform in her newest movie project, ‘Kong: Skull Island’ which will be released in March 2017.

belpowleyBel Powly

© Telegraph

This British beauty break through with her first major role in ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’ (2015). In Februaryshe received the Independent Spirit Awardf or best female leading role for this movie.
Here she plays the 15 -year-old naive teenager who discovers the world of pleasure and adventure that offers San Francisco in the seventies. The dark clouds of sexually bearable conditions are still not in sight for these lascivious flower who only sees the sun smiling at her. The film was additionally made by the Belgian production company Caviar. Call Powly thinks that every teenage girl must see this film. Because of this they will understand themselves and their surrounding world in a better way. Keep definitely an eye on this brunette because she’s currently working on two new films: “A storm in the Stars” and “Ashes in the snow” that will both be released this year.

ronanSaoirse Ronan

© Superwallpapers
This 22 -year-old Irish girl is just about to be greatest promise of Hollywood . She proved her great roles in “Atonment” (2007) , “The Lovely Bones” (2010 ) and “The Host” (2013). Saoirse surpassed herself in 2015 as Eilis Lacey in the film “Brooklyn”. For this rendition. She was nominated for the Oscar as best actress (for the second time now). In this film she plays a migrant that fall in love with the attractive Tony Fiorello ( Emory Cohen) not long after her arrival in Brooklyn in 1950. She will very often be reflected on your screen the next years. She has several roles nabbed in the films “Loving Vincent”, “The Seagull”, “On Chesil Beach” and “Lady Bird” which will be released in 2016 and 2017. Do you have strugglesto pronounce her name correctly? You certainly have to watch thistutorial because in the end, you really don’t want to be a Hollywood dummy!

daisyridleyDaisy Ridley

© edgardaily

Daisy Ridley is certainly fresh blood in the Hollywood scenery. Before she appeared on the big screen, she already had performed a lot of small rolls for various television productions but was a totally unknown actress as she took the big step towards the ‘big screen’ by her performance in Star Wars , which was an instant hit . She shines like Rey, one of the main characters in the seventh Star Wars film; “The Force Awakens” which was released last year and she really had to cry when she saw the trailer for the first time first, and rightly so! She should be very proud of what she has succeeded! Moreover, they will continue this role in the eighth film that will be released in 2017. We can’t wait to see her again as Rey!

galgabotGal Gadot

© Cinemablend

Earlier, this Israeli beauty played the brave Gisele in “The Fast and the Furious”-series where she is the seductive lady that made a lot of men-hearts beat faster. Now she is back and she shines like Wonder Woman in “Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice”. She also signed for the two sequels for this movie; “Justice League” and a solo Wonder Woman movie. For this role, she showed off all her fighting skills and trained herself in various martial arts in preparation for this wonder woman-role. Wondering how her kungfu-kickbox-tactics will look like? We do!

Enough girl power to protect our female rights in this competitive Hollywood scenery. And do not forget, girls! Who Runs the World?!



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