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Image Comics And Syzygy Present: Moonshine Bigfoot: Moonshine, Muscle Cars, And Mayhem!

IMAGE COMICS and SYZYGY bring you Moonshine, Muscle Cars, and Mayhem in this 4 ISSUE mini-series called MOONSHINE BIGFOOT!

This 100-page series is jampacked with high octane fun, high revving motors, car chases, and tons of mayhem as we follow Moonshine Bigfoot and his girlfriend Amethyst as they outrun a pack of unruly characters!

The team of Mike Marlow (writer), Steve Ellis (co-creator, pencils), Zach Howard (co-writer, inks), and Nelson Daniel (colors) come together to bring us this octane-filled, mayhem-inspired tale of a Bigfoot, his girl, and his passion for doing what’s right in all the wrong ways. Not to mention an uncanny ability to outsmart the law and those pesky Bigfoot hunters.


Moonshine Bigfoot thought it was a typical day at the ol’ office. Dodging the law, running his shine, and most importantly trying to figure out what to have for dinner. Up until now his biggest problem has been the ghost that inexplicably haunts his still. What our hirsute hero doesn’t know is that his latest batch of moonshine has attracted the attention of an ancient conspiracy with unlimited resources. Now Bigfoot, Amethyst, and Uncle Pineapple must unravel the mystery of Big Level and find out why they are suddenly being chased by Robots, Monsters, and a seemingly endless supply of Goons. Can they outwit an enemy unlike any other, or is Bigfoot going to end up as just another lost legend?
This is a universal tale of growing up, escaping your comfort zone, and becoming the best version of yourself you can be. Just so happens it also has a Bigfoot driving a muscle car.
Join Bigfoot and Company for 4 issues of mayhem and excitement!
This is just the story of a humble Bigfoot just trying to make his way in the world, and the ancient conspiracy determined to ruin his fun.


“It is 1981, and somewhere ’round the Alabama/Georgia border, a simple Bigfoot & Friends are just trying to make their way in the world by peddling Moonshine and good times in a bad-ass ride. It’s an easy-going life of outwitting local law, hapless Bigfoot Hunters, and rival moonshiners until the evil organization that secretly runs the world comes a-calling! Suddenly our favorite humble cryptozoological phenomenon holds the world’s fate in the back of his car!”
It all started somewhere in the middle of the desert. Professional Comic Artists Zach Howard and Clara Meath were road-tripping with professional layabout Mike Marlow, and a legend was born. The legend of Moonshine Bigfoot!
An outlaw posse was quickly formed: Industry pros Steve Ellis and Nelson Daniel jumped on board this wild ride to bring you an adventure the likes of which you have never seen before!


“There’s high concept, and then there’s “HOLY MOLEY” high concept. That’s what you have with Moonshine Bigfoot! It’s big, ballsy fun wrapped in a gorgeous package by Steve Ellis and Zach Howard.”

– Jamal Igle, artist of Molly Danger and Supergirl

“Zach Howard is a true artistic maestro! Prepare your eyes for this visual Symphony of Chaos!”

– Dan Panosian, Dream Works, artist on ‘Canary.’

“A top-shelf creation! Upon first taste, you’re struck by a symphony of aromas, from the remarkable smoothness of the dynamic pencil work to the depth and complexity of the inks and finishes. With rich and layered notes of color, offset by a subtle hint of spice, this blend of action and comedy is impeccably crafted to impress even the most discerning connoisseur.”

– Nick Runge, Gallery Painter

“I’ve admired Zach Howard’s work for a number of years now, ever since I first laid eyes on it, actually. His pictures seem not to be drawn so much as carved out with ink: bold, rich, and dark. Beautiful work. Suddenly I want a cup of coffee, preferably Sumatra.” 

– P. Craig Russell, artist of Sandman, Gotham by Gaslight, and Coraline: The Graphic Novel

“Steve’s pencils and layouts are excellent, and then the inks make these signature Zach Howard. He’s like this generation’s Terry Austin.”

– Mike Kennedy, writer/publisher for Magnetic Press, Ghost, and Star Wars.

“Steve Ellis has created more worlds than almost anyone. And every story breathes action and imagination and, of course, crazy monsters! He’s bent genres and combined creations for decades, and I can’t wait to see where he takes this latest romp!!!”

– Ben Caldwell, writer, and artist of Dare Detectives, artist of Dracula

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