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Interview: Purgatori Returns With Aaron Gillespie

Purgatori01-Cov-SubscriptSeeleyAs per the original PR heralding this exciting new era: “Spinning out of Dynamite’s best-selling Chaos! Universe, Purgatori flies like a bat out of hell – a vampire bat that is – into the pages of her own ongoing series!

In Purgatori #1, trapped in hell, the bitch-queen learns that the Devil doesn’t play games. Can she outwit Lucifer or will he make her regret the day she crossed him? The titillating tale begins right here!”

C4S ‘visits’ Aaron Gillespie and has a brief talk about his plans with this red-skinned vampire.

C4S: Hi Aaron. Good to meet you!
 Purgatori from the Chaos!Comics era and you are the one to revive her! How does that feel?

AG: Pretty great, man. I was a fan of the original Chaos comics and Purgatori was my favorite character. Tim Seeley is one of my favorite writers so getting to write a new version of Purgatori that comes fromTim’s mini is really exciting. And knowing that Dynamite is committed to producing books with the same tone as the original, it makes the whole thing extra sweet.

C4S: Are there differences with Purgatori’s prior life at Chaos! Comics and Devil’s Due?

AG: Our Purgatori doesn’t have much in common with the Devil’s Due version. They were trying a different take on the character and it’s not what we’re going for.

The character is very faithful to the original Chaos version. There might be some minor changes to Purgatori’s origin or cast of characters, but the attitude is classic Chaos!

Purgatori01-Cov-Chin Purgatori01-Cov-Fleecs Purgatori01-Cov-Luis Purgatori01-Cov-Ruffino Purgatori01-Cov-Strahm

C4S: Do you handle Purgatori differently then you do a man, like your Bionic Man?

AG: Not really. I handle her like any other character I write. I keep her motivations and desires in mind but her gender doesn’t really come into that.

Purgatori is very different than Bionic Man Steve Austin. Steve was a guy struggling with his new powers. He was a cocky test pilot that needed the adrenaline rush that his job provided. He struggled with his new powers because it was harder to get that thrill he craved. At the same time, he had to come to terms with the fact that he couldn’t “fly solo” like he was used to. He was also noble and heroic.

Purgatori doesn’t struggle with the same inner turmoil. She is out for herself, plain and simple. She grew up a slave and vowed to never be bound to anyone again. She’s driven and uncompromising. She will use anyone to get what she needs and wants. There is nothing noble or heroic about her.

C4S: What will Purgatori be getting herself into in your new series?

AG: Purgatori has set up a nice life for herself. She runs a lucrative criminal empire out of the Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas. She has anything she could ever need or want. There’s only one little problem. Her ego won’t let her be content. It gets her into trouble time and time again.

C4S: Can you tell me a bit more about the artist and how you both work together on this?

AG: Javier Garcia-Miranda is an artistic madman. Any time I have an idea that I think is too crazy to pull off, Javier proves me wrong. Very wrong. His inking is loose and lively, making his pages exciting to behold. I’m really lucky to have him as a collaborator. He makes this whole crazy process run smoothly.

Purgatori01-02-03_Viviane-TPurgatori01-04-REV_Viviane-T-lighter Purgatori01-05_Viviane-T-lighter

C4S: How many issues will the first arc be and how will the series develop after that?

AG: The first arc is five issues. After that we’re going to spend some time on Purgatori’s origin and the ramifications that has on her current life.

C4S: Are we going to be seeing other Chaos-characters in your series?

AG: Definitely. Lucifer and Cremator play a big part in the first arc as does another classic Chaos character. I can’t say too much, but she intervenes at a really inopportune time in Purgatori’s life.

C4S: Thank you for your time! this was what I have been meaning to ask for some time now, actually 🙂

AG: No problem. Anytime.

And so we leave Aaron to his writing, most likely in his personal dungeon, surrounded by live models, playing with his favorite action figures and dreaming up new stories to woo the fans!

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