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Published on May 1st, 2016 | by Richard Boom

Kirk Lindo’s VAMPRESS LUXURA V9 Now On Kickstarter

luxura9The purpose of this Kickstarter is to collect the 9th Volume of Vampress Luxura stories that were published in the original Vamperotica and Luxura comics, one-shots and cross-overs. This is a 145 page B&W Trade Paperback with some for the rarest and hardest to find Luxura stories ever produced.

This volume contains the rare and hard to find cross-over story featuring THE VAMPRESS LUXURA and Holly Golightly’s VAMPFIRE! This story has never been reprinted until now and is beautifully illustrated by Holly herself!

The Vampress Luxura is Kirk Lindo’s original character that was the star his highly successful Vamperotica comic series which ran for 50 issues and also spun off into several mini-series and magazines.

luxura9prevLuxura is a more than 1000 year old Vampire Queen that resides in North America. Luxura’s kingdom spreads out across the four corners of the Earth. Her monarchy is overseen from her vast, underground labyrinthine estate below the city of Manhattan in New York.
Her complex is made up of caverns, tunnels and underground castles. She has several trophy rooms. She also has an extensive system of tunnels that lead to many above ground locations. Some of the above ground locations are buildings and business establishments owned by Luxura.
As a Judicious Kith(Vampire), Luxura fights to maintain the Vampire community’s three Edicts of Survival:

1. Sustain the Blood Source (mortals)
2. Regulate the Kith(vampires)
3. Maintain Discretion.

luxura9prev1Luxura is an extensive collector, she collects items of sentimental value to her. Some of these items are suits of armor, skulls, swords, clothing and jewelry. She collects keepsakes from old lovers and enemies, or individuals that she found fascinating. She does not kill everyone that she collects blood or items from.
Her most beloved of all her possessions is her collection of blood! In her subterranean manor, Luxura has an enormous Bloodvault which resembles a wine cellar. The vault houses thousands upon thousands of bottles. Stored within these bottles is the blood of humans, Kith and super natural creatures. Luxura has been collecting this blood for over 1000 years.
Each bottle has a picture of whose blood is inside. Some of the older bottles have hand drawn pictures while some of the newer bottles have photographs. In this blood collection is every conceivable historical figure that you can think of, from Julius Ceaser to John F. Kennedy. She did not personally collect all of this Blood, some of it she purchased or received as gifts.
luxura9prev2Other Vampires also collect blood but Luxura’s collection is the greatest of all. Her collection is preserved by a magic spell and talisman that she acquired from an ancient sorcerer, keeping the blood fresh, like the day it was first bled. Many in the Kith leadership have often wondered why she has been so obsessed with the collection and storage of blood.
Luxura also has an extensive library and loves to read. She enjoys blood from humans that is filled with passion, desire, and lust.
You can find out even more about Luxura and read some of her stories at or
Fans who are familiar with Luxura can now get all of her stories in one collection and those of you who have heard of or seen images of Luxura, can now read all of her stories.

Each publication is 100+ pages of exciting vampire horror stories. These stories are for a mature audience and is recommend for readers 18 or older.

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