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Published on August 22nd, 2023 | by Richard Boom


Mike Deodato’s JADE WARRIORS Absolute Edition

Eisner Award-winner Mike Deodato’s first creator-owned action heroine adventure comes to Kickstarter –featuring all-new story and art!

Eisner Award-winner Mike Deodato, Jr.’s legendary creator-owned JADE WARRIORS comes to Kickstarter in a gorgeous, oversized slipcased Zettai No (Absolute-Format) Edition featuring lots of all-new story and art!

Oversized 8.5″ x 12.5″ format,192 pages with full-color slipcase, dust jacket, and library binding! Complete with color plate autographed by writers Michael Buckley and David Campiti, and artist/designer Mike Deodato, Jr.

In an alternate history of Japan, dragons created its islands from which they ruled the world.  Warriors defeated them and claimed the islands as their own. But they were petty heroes, and others saw past them to prepare for the dragons’ return.

Wives and daughters invoked rituals in service to the dragons; over time, they became powerful weapons.  Their efforts splintered by men with differing agendas, those women became an elite assassins’ guild, Jade Warriors in service of the Yakuza — enhanced assassins much feared throughout the world.

Now, as the dragons return, one of the Jade Warriors escapes after discovering terrible truths and fleeing from her life’s mission.  The hunter becomes the hunted as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance!


In picking up this book, the instant quality just pops up in your mind. And it does not mind if you take the TPB, the HC or the oversized Absolute Edition… they all feel amázing. The color on the paper, the images, the forewords, the indepth memories; it all oozes perfection.

To be frank, this book is a child of the 90s for sure. It all revolves around cool babes, huge muscular men and massive monsters. But despite the high-octane pace, this book reads like a charm. Yes it READS like a charm, cause writer/creator David Campiti set up the story magnificently and the storytelling only improved when Mike Buckley ran around solo. There is dialogue, back story and more, to feast your BRAIN on. And that is a feat, since all eyes are on the cheese/beefcake as well, since Deodato is going all out here.

Artwise it feels like Deodato hit all the high notes and delivered an array of amazing POV, babes, sexiness, and action sequences that jump át the reader. And it only gets better and better during the time it took to finish it.

And I have to make an extra remark about Vincenco Cucca who did his best to indeed put the last chapter to ‘bed’ in a style so inherently mimicking Deodato, it just did not even occur to me, the art team switched! It was done thát good!

I was also in awe when I read the Ramthar-backstory, since you could see the evolution of Deodato artwise and instantly know thís is his future style, both artwise and storywise.

He keeps playing around with pov’s on each panel, making each panel a story on its own. But it gets gritty and more imaginative, like using disappearing panel borders.

I take off my hat to the artists involved, creators involved and designers involved because each version of this master piece is a true worshiping achievement to both Deodato as well as a beloved set of characters.
Cheers… here is to daydreaming about the return of the Jade Warriors.

Want your own copy?
Get it here!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1395445173/2024-calendar-deodatos-jade-warriors-and-more-deo-magic

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