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Published on March 18th, 2020 | by Kevin Given


Movie review: Bloodshot

Ray Garrison (Diesel) is a marine who, at the beginning of this film, is deep in a battle to rescue some hostages in Mombasa. Martin Axe (Kebbell) leads a group of mercenaries who kidnap Ray and his wife (Riley). Garrison can’t give Axe the information he wants so he kills Garrison and his wife. Dr. Emil Harting (Pearce) heads a corporation called Rising Spirit Tech, which, through nanite technology, brings Garrison back to life. Others who have been experimented on by this organization include K.T. (Gonzalez) who breathes through some kind of respiratory device on her chest, also Dalton and Higgs (Heughan and Hernandez) who are the source of tension as they don’t like the new recruit. Harting is using Garrison for his own means and doesn’t tell Ray the full truth, which sets off Ray to track down Axe in a play for revenge and more facts about his wife are revealed which leads to Ray’s confrontation with Harting.

My Review:

Finally, a movie with the old white dude as the hero! Unusual in the political landscape of today’s Hollywood. I never jumped on board the Valiant craze of the ’90s, mainly because I wasn’t much of a Jim Shooter fan, but the few comics I picked up featuring Bloodshot I did enjoy. I always liked the origin story and so I couldn’t wait for the film adaptation. Vin Diesel is given more to say than just “I am Bloodshot” (though, actually, not that much more) and his performance here is solid. This is a fairly unique superhero movie and unlike any other on the market today. Ray Garrison is a protagonist we can root for. We see his destruction and resurrection and can feel his pain, especially when the truth about his wife is revealed. The supporting cast is great all-around with K.T. a fine love interest with the unique love triangle within the film. Gonzalez is very good in the action scenes and joins Garrison to rebel against the organization. Guy Pearce is appropriately conniving and menacing as the film’s antagonist. Lamorne Morris, as a computer tech wiz, provides the comic relief. The film structure is slightly uneasy, but the pacing keeps the film moving to its robust conclusion. I had a good time at this non-Marvel or DC superhero pic, but I don’t think the big two are in any danger of losing ground to the Valiant-verse. The box office is slightly weak this week with the corona-virus fears, if not for that I think this, and all other new movies, would have done better . *** (8.1 rating.)

Director: David S. F. Wilson

Producer: Neal H. Moritz, Toby Jaffe, Dinesh Shamdasani, Vin Diesel

Screenplay: Jeff Wadlow, Eric Heisserer

Based on Bloodshot by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, Bob Layton

Music: Steve Jablonsky

Cinematography: Jacques Jouffret

Production company:

Columbia Pictures

Bona Film Group

Cross Creek Pictures

Annabell Pictures

The Hideaway Entertainment

Original Film

One Race Films

Valiant Entertainment


Vin Diesel

Eiza González

Sam Heughan

Toby Kebbell

Guy Pearce

Talulah Riley

Alex Hernandez

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