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Published on January 13th, 2022 | by Richard Boom


Preview: Odinn’s Eye #5

Today is BAD IDEA DAY! ODINN’S EYE #5 is in Stores NOW – Due To Paper Shortages Copies Are Limited To FINAL FIVE Pre-Orders Only!
It’s BAD IDEA DAY and ODINN’S EYE #5 is out now! 

The weekly epic concludes today.

Remember, due to the ongoing labor and paper shortages ODINN’S EYE orders have been capped at just those orders we received via FINAL FIVE bundle pre-orders. No individual orders, no additional orders, no re-orders and no non-bundle pre-orders were solicited and/or accepted as a result of our microscopic paper allotment. That means that if you did not pre-order ODINN’S EYE as part of the FINAL FIVE bundle your local comic shop is very unlikely to have additional copies. And if they do, they are very likely to run out quickly.

A quick scheduling update amid the paper and labor shortage crisis:

PYRATE QUEEN #4 will arrive in stores next week – Wednesday, January 19th.

MONSTER KILL SQUAD #3 will arrive in stores in two weeks – Wednesday, January 26th.

Odinns Eye, ,Joshua Dysart, ,Thomas Giorello, ,,Diego Rodriguez, is a five-issue weekly series about a child who is sent by the god-king Odinn to retrieve his eye, which he traded away in exchange for wisdom.

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