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Preview: Sweet Lullaby TPB

Announcing Darby Pop Publishing’s new trade paperback book, Sweet Lullaby, an all-new sexy spy thriller co-created by writer AJ Scherkenbach and artist J. Briscoe Allison. The trade paperback book (graphic novel) of Sweet Lullaby -collecting the previously released 6 issues- releases on March 29, 2017.

Sweet Lullaby is a blackly comedic spy-thriller cum dysfunctional-family drama set within modern suburbia. Imagine that the girl-next-door — sweet, friendly, and beautiful – is also a somewhat-sadistic government assassin… trying to lead a “normal” life even while taking lives.

Series Synopsis: Lullaby is a strong-willed, 2nd-generation covert assassin. Typically, she adopts a new look and identity for each mission before moving-in next door to a potential target, and presenting herself as a friendly (or troubled or sexy or mysterious) neighbor. But, upon receiving orders to “terminate,” Lullaby does so with clever — and sadistic — precision.Intermingled with her present-day missions is the story of Lullaby’s upbringing. Her father, Z, teaches his daughter everything he knows about being a professional killer. While other kids were learning how to ride bikes, Lullaby was practicing shooting center mass. Lullaby’s present-day boyfriend, Vladimir, doesn’t know about her cloak-and-dagger ways. But, he does know that he’s falling in love with her. And as they grow closer, Lullaby struggles to balance her love life with all her secret identities and life-or-death responsibilities. SWEET LULLABY follows its hero/anti-hero on a series of high-stakes missions all over the country. But — ultimately — Lullaby’s toughest assignment will be deciding whether to remain a government killer or leave it all behind for a “normal life.” Assuming same is even possible…

Issue #1 Synopsis: GOOD GIRL GONE BAD – Lullaby is a strong-willed, 2nd generation covert assassin, trained from a very young age by her father, Z. Typically, she adopts a new look and identity for each mission. And upon receiving orders to “terminate,” Lullaby does so with clever — and sadistic — precision. But, Lullaby’s black and white world is about to turn gray. And that means the streets could soon run red.

Issue #2 Synopsis: DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL – Lullaby and Z are off to Vegas for a father-daughter weekend of clubbing, drinking, and killing a political extortionist. But, Lullaby becomes distracted when her boyfriend, Vladimir, confesses the depth of his feelings for her. And Z finds himself wondering if his sweet Lullaby has become a liability…

Issue #3 Synopsis: GIRL GAMES – Lullaby is recognized by a former neighbor, jeopardizing everyone and everything around her. She’s shipped off to an assignment in Oregon — home to the murderous manager of a boarding house for the elderly — leaving Vladimir to doubt both the status of their relationship, and the veracity of Lullaby’s “supposed” history.

Issue #4 Synopsis: GIRL SCOUT CAMP NAMES – Z tracks Lullaby’s potential whistle-blower, and comes to a disturbing conclusion. Meanwhile, Lullaby is dispatched to Denver to establish her latest identity and befriend her current target, but she has other plans — a secret, and perhaps ruinous — rendezvous with Vladimir.

Issue #5 Synopsis: BOY MEETS GIRL – Lullaby is caught red-handed with Vladimir by Director Shut-Eye. And treason is a “permanently” punishable offense.

Issue #6 Synopsis: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR – Vladimir plans to pop the question, forcing Lullaby to finally confront her feelings, and make decisions that will affect not only her own future, but the entire organization.

What’s It Like? Sweet Lullaby is a spy-thriller caught in the crosshairs of such films as The Professional, The Big Hit, and The Long Kiss Goodnight; and such TV series as Nikita and Alias. Sweet Lullaby is an action/adventure series with covert-but-shocking homicides and dark humor — even as its main character struggles to balance a “normal” life with taking lives.

Purchase via Darby Pop and Comixology.

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