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Published on August 30th, 2013 | by Richard Boom

Review: The Intrinsic TPB

Intrinsic_Issue02-CoverSMThe Arcana Universe (lovingly called Arcanaverse) is now a frenzy with hundreds of characters, developed, created and manufactured over the years. From Kore to Exra, from Kade to Philosopher, from Koni Waves to Candice Crow, the Arcana Library is immense and extensive and worth a second look-over. With the inter-company crossover Intrinsic we follow some heavy-league heroes (Kade, Candice, Philosopher, Kore) while they are searching for that person nicknamed Intrinsic. This will be the one person that will either make or break the reality as we know it (in comics and specifically in Arcanaverse for that matter!) and our heroes are here to take care of the right outcome.

Sadly there are also the regular bunch of bad guys, led by Appolyon. This maniac is looking for the person he once loved and lost, in the past. To get her back from the abyss he recruited the Horde, which are like the Dirty Dozen from a dozen dimensions. And if Appolyon has to break all of reality and plunge all dimensions in chaos, despair, and utter annihilation in order to get his loved one back, he will. That seems to be a true maniac at work!

The characterization during the search for the Intrinsic is well-crafted during the fight-filled pages, overloaded with mayhem, despair and conflict. It really is a wonder that writers Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Erik Hendrix and Casey Jones were able to find the time to come up with good characterizations and some really interesting twists and turns during all of the fight-sequences, since the result at the end of the book is not one of confusion but from admiration for this crossover and its characters old and new, good and bad. The result of this book is that you want to know more about Kade, Ezra, Kade, Kore and Candice and to delve further into the Library of Arcana in order to get to know the characters even better.

The art-chores are the only thing that might bug you. This is not a Marvel/DC-style of book and Allan Otera with colorist Chandran Ponnusamy do the best they can, but in the end this will be the one gripe you might find with this book. On the other hand: when buying a book from an Indy publisher, you will immediately know that you are not buying the high-end quality The Big Two can afford since they gulped up 75% of the total comic book market. So you WILL get something original, something that will never be part of that Big Two experience. Support hard-working comic book creators in their quest to let readers experience ideas from new perspectives and support them with your wallet!


  •    Words: Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Erik Hendrix and Casey Jones
  •     Art: Allan Otera with Chandran Ponnusamy
  •     Publisher: Arcana
  •     Price: $14.95
  •     Release Date: August, 2013

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