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Published on June 23rd, 2015 | by Richard Boom

Q&A With Sevara’s Damian Wampler

Sevara Poster 2Broken Icon Comics wanted to let fans know that Sevara #0 is available for sale on comiXology. Also, Issue #1 should be on ComiXology July 3.

Orphan girl turned immortal warrior, Sevara has fought evil thousands of years. She and her fellow immortals guided humanity towards peace. But for earth to truly be free of evil, the immortals give up their powers and their immortality in a ten thousand year sleep. Everyone, that is, except Sevara. When she awakens, she finds that evil has returned, in a big way. As she struggles against her unstoppable foes, memories of her mortal life come racing back. In fact, the memories themselves seem to have infected humanity. And only Sevara can make the world whole again.

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Playwright and photographer Damian Wampler forges an entirely new universe with Indonesian artists Andre Siregar and Anang Setyawan. Spanning centuries, this totally original fantasy world takes action and adventure to a new level.

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Q: How did you teach yourself write comic books? Where there any special websites, books, tools?
A: First, from great websites like ComiXtribe and Jim Zub. If you read through all of their articles, you’ve pretty much got a bachelor’s degree in comic book writing. I read books and articles about screenwriting (ME LOVE FILMCRITIC HULK), which really helps immensely.

Q: What advice would you give to someone what wants to become a comic book creator?
A: If you’re serious about the craft, you’ve got to be reading about story, character, and plot all the time. You also have to be on the endless search to find a good artist, and know that they aren’t going to work for free, so be prepared to pay for good work. This is a long term investment that takes years to master and decades to pay off.

Q: What projects are you working on now?
A: Quite a few. I wrote a novel about Sevara’s origins that needs an agent and publisher. I’m also doing a children’s book about Africa, and two comics books that are top secret for now. I’m moving towards simpler stuff where the title of the project explains the synopsis, so I can’t tell you too much about them. I’m writing a screenplay called ‘Drug sub’. Guess what ‘Drug Sub’ is about? Damn, I just gave away the premise.

Q: What artists or comic books served as the greatest inspiration for you?
A: Ghost, Captain Marvel, Brian Wood’s Star Wars, Fraction’s Hawkeye, Lazarus, East of West, and a few miniseries like Skyman, The Wake, The Royals. The current run of Red Sonja rocks too. I prefer miniseries to ongoing stories.

Q: Who is your favorite comic book character? Why?
A: Ghost. The original run with Eric Luke is fantastic. I bought them all, they’re still in storage somewhere. Eric Luke scripts, and the Adam Huges art worked so well together. It was intriguing that you never what other powers she might have or who she might be connected to, she was always discovering things.

Q: Who is your favorite character from DC/Marvel?
A: Superman. The Clark Kent/Superman dynamic is a really interesting one that was a much larger part of the original Superman move. Superman is just about a man who never met his parents and doesn’t know anything about his own culture other than the video his dad left him. I could never get into the Avengers, X-Men, or Fantastic Four comics, I felt they were not as accessible since their shared universe was so big. I loved Batman but read mostly read the graphic novels and trade paperbacks from the library like the Dark Knight Returns, Hush, Batman: Year One etc.

Q: How would you compare Disney/Marvel vs. WB/DC Entertainment in movies and TV?
A: Marvel is doing a great job on the big screen. I thought the Avengers and all the Iron Man movies were fun, and some of the Spider-Man moves. I loved Batman Begins, but I’m one of the few people that felt that the Dark Knight Rises was an awful film. And I was not happy with Man of Steel, but I can understand the decisions that were made. Sorry, I love the bright blue and red costume. I haven’t been impressed with the few episodes of Arrow and Agent’s of Shield, or Gotham that I’ve seen. I did binge watch Daredevil though, great series! I have a young son, and I’d have to say that DC animated movies are fantastic.

Q: Any comic books you’d like to see made into movies?
A: Yeah, a movie version of The Dark Knight Returns directed by Tim Burton and with Keaton and Nicholson reprising their roles! The Joker wouldn’t have died in the first film, ‘cause we all know that Batman doesn’t kill people, so that would have to be explained as dream. It would complete a Burton Batman trilogy, and with Keaton and Nicholson much older now it would fit the timeline.

Q: Are there any famous characters you’d like to write?
A: I’d love to write one issue of The Adventures of Superman, which is set in the sliver age Superman world that really appeals to me. I can see Mr. and Mrs. Kent as this couple who can’t have children of their own, and then this amazing child falls from the sky. Very nice. I’d write something simple, like Clark accidently shoplifting a shirt from a store after saving the world, getting thrown in jail and then fired from the Daily Planet.

Q: What is your favorite superhero movie of all time?
A: Megamind. Great premise. What would happen if the super villain actually won? A great set up, perfect voice casting, highly underrated, under viewed movie.

Q: If you ran your own comic book company, what new comic book title would you produce?
A: I’d do a Blue Thunder comic book, then Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf.

Q: Everything is getting a reboot these days. What else needs to be rebooted?
A: Star Trek: The Next Generation needs to come back on TV with an Enterprise with three warp drives.

comixology series bannerSevara

Published by Broken Icon Comics

Written and created by: Damian Wampler

Illustrations by: Andre Siregar

Colors: Anang Setyawan

Letters: Steven Wands

Cover: Joshua Chinsky

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