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Rage, Bane Of Demons In Card Format

00-RageCardGameCoverRage Card Game is an extension to the Rage Bane of Demons App available for iPhone & iPad in the iTunes Store. Rage Card Game is a prequel to the Rage Bane of Demons story. The three images in this press release are a sample of the story.

In the Rage Bane of Demons App, click the Card icon and you will be taken to the Rage Card Game section of the App. You will have the option to read the 7-page intro: New characters Ennis, Arlin, Lorne and Aldaro are planning to take over the throne of Arthkan. But things don’t seem to go too well for their little venture. So Ennis has summoned the seer Khain Alhazred in the hope that he would be able to shed some light on who their enemies really are. In his younger years, Alhazred has created a Tarot that allows him to see glimpses of your past, present, and future when you play a game against him. And at the end of the Intro, that is exactly what Arlin is going to do…

When the Intro is over, you will have to play games against Khain Alhazred to unlock new chapters of the story and discover what happened before the Rage Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. The comic itself is drawn by Yonami, with colors by Nino Sempa. Khain Alhazred’s Tarot Cards are drawn by Fabien Laouer, Andre Siregar and many other artists. The game itself is an iPhone/iPad exclusive, but the story is available in print at Amazon, with pages showing the right cards to combine to unlock every chapter!

00-RageCardGameIntroWeb 18-CardGameBonusC1 19-CardGameBonusC2 20-CardGameBonusC3


Rage Website is the official website of the Rage Comic Series and all other Rage-related projects. This is the place to go for any Rage-related news. You will also find in the Rage Website the first six pages of the first graphic novel, the first nine pages of the first issue, galleries of illustrations by Alan Quah, Thony Silas, Yonami, and a lot of others, and maybe even a surprise or two! The site is here! Go have a look, you won’t regret it!


When asked about the position I hold in the Rage Project, I usually answer that I am the writer and producer of the Rage Website and of the Rage Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. But that’s not all. Actually, I am writer, web designer, developer of the Xcode versions of the Rage Apps, Editor, and English-to-French Translator. I am also handling the creation, the promotion and the selling of the books on various supports. And I am also the one hosting the Rage Booth in French Comics Conventions. And since I’m on Patreon, I have begun editing video trailers, too… Actually, I am doing everything save Art and Lettering. For more info about the Rage Project, connect to the Rage Website!


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