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Review: Angel Season 11 #4

I love what Dark Horse has done with the Buffy-Verse. Angel being a spinoff of Buffy has its own feel and they’ve done an excellent job of capturing that as well. Angel has been thrust into the past by accident and he is witnessing a time when Illyria ruled the world and she is engaged in a fight with a horrific demon. He and Fred must help save her from the demon and then confront her about the truth of his own past. In this issue, Angel argues with Illyria and tells her she should move in time again, as opposed to fighting this demon, she tells him that she can’t just move whenever danger is present. She likens time unto a chain and it’s only as strong as its weakest link. A good thought provoking issue.

The Creative Team:

Corrina Bechko thrusts us directly into the action as we see Illyria’ followers ready to engage in battle. They doubt that the creature they see before them is Illyria because she has taken on mortal form. It’s interesting to see how her followers cannot accept her in this form. The tension builds as we see her, in mortal form, go against this demon. Angel does his best to help her out in this epic battle. I enjoyed the interaction between Angel and the followers of Illyria. These scenes made for some good dramatic suspense and gave this issue a good kick in the ‘nads, loved it.

Geraldo Borges is a good compliment to Corrina’s words. Some fans may be displeased that his Angel doesn’t strongly resemble actor David Boreanaz, but if you can get by that, then you’ll see why he was chosen to draw this issue, his renderings of the supernatural beings is top notch, especially when we get into the battle between Illyria and the demon, definitely the high light of this issue. His panels flow smoothly and make this an incredibly easy read. I loved it!

In Conclusion:

This issue brings us into a strong connection between the present-day Illyria and her past self. Angel must convince the present-day version to use her intellect over her brawn to reason with her past self. It’s two goddesses versus the vampire in this topsy turvey past that she has invaded. The past Illyria is nothing like her current counterpart and Angel finds himself in a strange predicament by this issue’s end…To be continued!

Angel Season 11 #4

Writer – Corrina Bechko
Art – Geraldo Borges
Letters – Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt
Color – Michelle Madsen
Publisher – Dark Horse Entertainment
Publication date – April 2017

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