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Review: Ash Vs The Army of Darkness #3

“Uh, Mr. Williams… What the hell is going on?” – Sara.

The issue opens in the middle ages and goes through periods of human history. Ash seems to have been expected throughout recorded time in one form or another and we finally get an answer to what organization has been following him. Alexis Diggs is their leader. Ash is up to his usual smart-ass attitude when Alexis asks him who he is he tells her “I’m the guy.” (it reminded me of Jeff Bridges “I’m the Dude,” from The Big Lebowski.)

The creative team:

These guys seem to mesh better together as each issue goes by. Chris and Chad bring us stories the way Lennon and McCartney brought us songs. Individually, they’re probably good. But when they corroborate they are pure fun. The pacing is great and the tale is tall. The suspense mounts as Alexis slowly discovers the identity of “the guy.” No reveals here but let’s just say that her own questions are answered in a dramatic way. I loved how the two C’s brought the realization about Ash’s identity and the skepticism that followed. It’s a fun read.

Mauro Vargas brings us a cartoony journey through the ages as his take on the past, though pretty authentic, is never too weighty. His inclusion of Ash in some famous photos and paintings from the past will bring a chuckle to the reader (such as Washington crossing the Delaware, my personal favorite.) and he keeps his tongue firmly in cheek where it belongs in this Sam Raimi inspired universe. Ash is still covered in blood from his battles in the previous issues and he has never looked more determined to discover why Alexis and the others are in his school. There’s bully fights, cafeteria food fights and an array of stereotypical tropes we all love in our High School and college movies; the cool kids, the nerds, the jocks. They’re all here, but they’re unlike any stereotypical goons that we’ve come to expect. The creative team channels the spirit of John “Bluto” Blutarsky. And I quote: “Food fight.” Great stuff!

In conclusion:

We get a fun look at what has been going on in the minds of the ones following Ash. And he is none too pleased to discover what they want with him in this tale of a High School turned upside down. John Hughes must be rolling over in his grave as he observes the typical High School student dilemmas he so carefully crafted turn to a horrific muddle and the students now have something more to concern themselves with than how they’ll write their detention papers on who they think they are. Indeed, they’ll have to rethink not only their opinions of themselves but their own sordid existence and everything they thought to be real. >SPOILER ALER< (I know, but I gotta say this) I loved this issue and the story continues as one of the students stumbles upon an ad for Ash’s Homecoming dance after discussing the possibility of time travel (Enchantment under the sea dance, anyone?) **** (9.4 rating.)

Ash v The Army of Darkness #3

Writer – Chris Simms, Chad Bowers
Art – Mauro Vargas
Color – Trionna Farrell
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – Dynamite Entertainment
Publication date – September 2017

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