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Published on July 19th, 2016 | by Richard Boom

Review: Astria #1 – #2 (of 5)

ASTRIA-Cover-1-FINALSo I have been reading ARH COMIX titles like Arhian and Queen of Vampires these last few months and I have to say that they are impressing me from all sides!

They have these amazing statues and they have the audacity to create their very own comic based on these very statues. Bold, brazen, and I hope very successful since I just cannot get enough of this!

ASTRIA is a 5 parts story, yet again by Arahom Radjah. It is illustrated by Manos Lagouvardos and tells the story of ASTRIA SOMMERS. She is a woman who had her life, hopes, and dreams destroyed by the despicable actions of petty criminals. Astria recuperates from her loss, but mentally she has become instable… or should I say determined to set things right again – if even possible.

In the first issue we see Astria’s misfortune and on the last pages we see how her tears and sorrow do not stop her from exacting revenge on criminals with bad attitudes. In the second issue we see Astria’s determination to exact revenge even more but as she is speaking with her father we also notice Astria is still looking to determine the right path… how will her innermost personal feelings come out after it fights your senses of morals, right and wrong! The balance of personal turmoil versus the feeling to right wrongs is tangible in this series and with these raw feelings just flowing out from each page you cannot NOT feel for Astria.

ASTRIA-Cover-2-FINALThe story touches you, as it should. It is raw, well-balanced, with good dialogues and strong character-traits. The writers made sure to have the proper balance between revenge and self-doubt. There are other revenge-tales in the market (Punisher, Jennifer Blood, Painkiller Jane come to mind) but again ARH COMIX have made sure their character has her very ówn voice… respect!

Artwise these issues feel like the lesser of the three series I have seen so far, but that is NOT true. Because in reading this twice, the style is just pitch-perfect for this story. There is more gritty action, more bullet-grazing, more bloody smears… and Manos Lagouvardos makes sure that facial expressions make the best of the panels… we see the pain, the guilt, the rage… we see it all.

Do yourself a pleasure! If you love comics, support this new adventurous company, because they really can do NO wrong!


Astria #1, #2

Story by Arahom Radjah

Written by Arahom Radjah, Spencer Thurgood

Art by Manos Lagouvardos

Cover art by Christos Martinis

Publisher: ARH Comix

32 pages • full-color

$3.99 U.S. (print and digital)

Now on sale at, but pre-ordering is even better!

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