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Published on June 27th, 2018 | by Kevin Given


Review: Charlie’s Angels #1

This issue wastes no time telling us which incarnation of the Angels this title brings us, we’re back in the disco era of the swinging ‘70’s (an era that the Dynamite crew seems to love spending time in, and I’m glad.) The very first page has the angels introducing themselves “Hi, I’m Jill…Kelly…Sabrina.” An unsavory character named Saldino is entering a Studio 54 type of club to see one Mr. Campos, about a gun deal.

The Creative Team:

I haven’t had this much fun going back to ‘70’s Los Angeles since the Kiss/Vampirella team up. John Layman shows us the seedy side of the disco scene right off the bat and has the low life Saldino slap Jill on the buttocks! All Angels are present; Jill, undercover as the club hostess, Kelly as a waitress and Sabrina has some kind of a magic act, but things go wrong when Sabrina tries to pull a rabbit out of her hat and out comes a rhesus monkey! Then we go into the opening credits with a close up of the little speaker we saw every week on TV. I can almost hear John Forsyth as I read “Once upon a time there were three little girls…” I’m having so much fun I haven’t even got into the plot yet! But what can I say. I was at just the right age when that show originally came on the air. I don’t remember a single plot, but I do remember bikini’s and cleavage (well, except for Sabrina) Anyway, the plot: The owner of the Limbo Lounge has contacted the Townsend Detective Agency. It seems his club has fallen on tough times and he made a bad judgement call when he let Victor Campos, who turned out to be a mobster, buy into his establishment. The Angels must catch Campos in the act of gun running! Great stuff includes the monkey in question as he disrupts the meeting between Campos and Kelly’s rescue of the night club owner.

Joe Eisma treats us to some far-out groovy threads as he enjoys taking us back to the cheesy disco era of Los Angeles. His Angels have a stylized, almost animated look which adds to their attractiveness. The clothes and scenery are spot on to the ‘70’s and his Victor Campo could be Ron Jeremy’s twin brother. His take on the ‘70’s only adds to the already fun plot and atmosphere of this tale. Highlights include Kelly’s taking out of a mobster and the interior of the Limbo Lounge. You can almost hear the Bee Gees in the background. I love this comic!

In Conclusion:

Ted got Kelly’s number! It’s good to be Ted. I think Jaclyn Smith (Kelly, for those under 45) is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet! She, along with Christie Brinkley are two of the GMILF’s on my list! (is that wrong?) I haven’t wanted to trade places with a comic book character this bad since Peter Parker (see my confessions column to get the inference.) Oh, the conclusion, sorry, anyway at first this looks like a one shot as the Angels seem to wrap this mystery up in about 20 pages, but there’s more than simple gun running going on here. Our love-struck Ted is walking down the road and whistling as he’s staring at Kelly’s number when, all of a sudden, but I don’t want to give it away, just think Kennedy conspiracy and you might figure it out…to be continued. Now, if you’ll excuse me I must head to the bathroom with some Star Trek and Charlie’s Angels comic books. **** (8.8 rating)


Charlie’s Angels #1

Writer – John Layman

Art – Joe Eisma

Colors – Celeste Woods

Letters – Taylor Esposito

Publisher – Dynamite



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