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Published on December 6th, 2016 | by Richard Boom

Review: Dan Schaffer’s WHITE #1-4 (of 4)

white-02There are a couple of creators (like Dan!!) you follow because you feel you just NEED their next creator-owned comic-project. So this Dan Schaffer bloke for me is just like Dan Brereton, Terry Moore, Greg Capullo, Terry Dodson, Joe Benitez, David Mack, Frank Cho and Jim Balent.

Why is Dan so special you ask?
Well… for me I guess it feels like he takes this ‘theme’ and just runs with it in such a unique fashion and with such an intensity it sometimes makes me wary to even meet and chat up with him. He could be just the nicest bloke around, but he just might have that dark side come out and hit you with either a salami or a chainsaw, depending his mood.

I do hope I get a chance to meet up with at one point in time and just be able to at least shake his hand and thank him, from the bottom of my heart. Thank him for churning out this magical moments his fans can endure with his projects and above all thank him for Dogwitch, which is just a must-read on so many levels.

When I think about how Dan takes a ‘theme’ and runs with it Dan-style I think about his personal psych-ward in The Scribbler, I think about this haunted house in Dogwitch and the way he puts his mark on fashion and self-absorbed consumerism in Killdarlings is a statement that is well-felt. I suddenly feel that urge to gut the next person tv-selling me stuff I do not need!

And now Mr. Dan has a new project and basically the premise is almost boringly simple… at least for a simpleton like myself.
Wanna hear my premise?

“private jet crashlands in the ocean, one survivor is surrounded by sharks”

See? It seems all so very simple and straight-forward!

But this is a Schaffer-projec!! So this survivor is a female (strong females being his forté) named Willa and the sharks are bloody and brutal and special. And Willa is a piece of work! She refuses to be used as garbage by a Hollywood-celeb, refuses to take shit and refuses to be shark-bait.
O… and then why does this take 4 issues?
And why will those 4 issues make you happy and the ending making you wanna flip a finger as well as do a high-5 while standing on your hands?

Did you not listen to me? This is a friggin’s SCHAFFER-project!!!

This Willa-gal has this satellite-phone and she will just not stop calling everyone she can and this is wat Schaffer does: he will make you wanna READ every friggin’ word as if it were the Messiah for Christ sake!

Willa talks and talks and you just read and read and you will not wanna stop until that last page and then you stand on your desk or your car or balcony or wherever you are at that moment and you raise both hands and give that high-5 (to an imaginary Dan in front of you) and the other hand will flip that finger (to the imaginary assholes in the world) and I promise you… YOU WILL FEEL GOOD!!!

White #1-4 (of 4)

Creator: Dan Schaffer
Writer: Dan Schaffer
Artist: Dan Schaffer
Colorist: Dan Schaffer
Genius: Dan Schaffer
Insane asylum: Dan Schaffer

Publisher: Devil’s Due / 1First


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