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Published on November 18th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Death Force #6

death-force-6Rick Murphy is an average cop, just trying to start a family and live a decent life. But one day the rookie on beat stumbles onto the wrong case and that has life or death consequences for him and his world comes crashing to an end. Underground forces gave Murphy a second chance as Death Force if he doess their bidding for them. He goes along with the mission for a while, but when he stumbles he gains help from a computer hacker named Missy. Murphy uses his powers to resurrect his girlfriend against the Underworlds wishes and now we come to the final chapter in this tempestuous saga. I have enjoyed the series so far.

The Creative Team:

Brusha brings us into this foray with a conflicted underworld leader. He was betrayed by his underling, the Death Force, and now swears revenge. I enjoyed how Death Force resisted the demands of his underworld mentor and stood up for what he believes in. The leader laments that Death Force couldn’t bring him the power he craved and sends a voo doo queen after him. The pressure mounts and I enjoyed how Death Force could surprise the underworld leader. I won’t give away how, but it’s sure to surprise the reader.

Rosete’s renderings are a good fit with Brusha’s words. There’s a battle between Death Force and a giant snake which was extremely well done and I enjoyed how the panels flowed smoothly to flesh out the final issue.
The Cover:

I liked this cover probably second best, behind the one that showed the huge dragon. It shows our antihero standing on a rock, surrounded by the lava flow that is hell fire in this series and raising his fist in defiance to the underworld leader. He’s holding a menacing looking weapon in the other hand. He’s in hell so he has nothing to lose.

In Conclusion:

A nice conclusion to a story that I really dug (sorry, my ‘70’s is showing) The underworld leader is disappointed in Death Force who doesn’t really care anymore since he’s already in hell and uses his powers in defiance to the creature that gave them to him. Will he get out of hell? Will he rot in hell or will he be used again as a mercenary by the underworld leader? The ending is left open for the possibility of a continuation, which most good comics do. There’s a little epilogue in the back that features the voodoo queen in a closing cameo, much like a Marvel movie would do after the credits roll in one of their films. This hints of a possibility of things to come. ***1/2

Death Force #6

Writer: Joe Brusha
Art: Marc Rosete
Colors: Walter Pereyra
Letters: Fabio Amelia
Publishers: Zenescope Entertainment

Publication date: November 2016

Tags: , ,

About the Author

Kevin Given has studied with "Longridge Writers Group" and "Writer's Boot Camp" a speech/communications major from the University of Maine Presque-Isle/Orono sites. He has created the "Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter" franchise which includes 2 novels and 8 comic books. They can be found on amazon, Indyplanet and Kindle. For a limited time you can get digital copies of "Karl Vincent: Vampire hunter" #1 and "Files of Karl Vincent" #1 for free on Indyplanet. Kevin is producing the third novel in the series "Dracula Rising" (working title) and developing "Foul Blood" into comic book form.

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