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Published on April 21st, 2017 | by Richard Boom


Review: Destiny, NY Volume 1 by Pat Shand

Growing up is tough, especially if you are a magical girl (not only the looks!) who is in touch with -and overcame- her destiny… and has friends who still have to arrive to their destinies.

Pat Shand is a comic book writer and novelist who has worked on (Robyn Hood, Angel, Charmed, Iron Man, Vampire Emmy, Robyn Hood, Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Riot), and is currently writing an Avengers-novel. Shand ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his creator-owned graphic novel, Destiny, NY.

Destiny, NY is a 120-page graphic novel by Pat Shand and artist/co-creator Manuel Preitano (Wonderland, Robyn Hood, Goddess Inc.) “about love, loss, magic, cats, coffee, sex, growing up, and the way we build our own destinies every day. It’s about growing pains and self-discovery through the lens of a (slightly) alternate version of New York City where magic is a real and accepted part of everyday life. It’s about that feeling when you look back at who you used to be, and find yourself unaware how you’ve become the person you are today.

Also, it’s about two magical ladies in love.”

He actually did not leave a thíng out really. When reading all 120 graytoned magical pages, filled with ladies in love, ladies talking in depth about their personal feelings and ladies loving eachother, you get the feeling you should talk more in real life. Talking might just be the super-power to selfdiscovery. It sure made the main character Logan McBride take that next step from acting like a kid and following others, to developing an own voice and even develop leadership.

Logan McBride was the subject of a prophecy when she was young, and now that she has completed that destiny, she fell in a self-proclaimed hole.

With the help of friends but mainly because she listened to her heart, she made it possible to get out of that hole.

Pat Shand made sure not only Logan has her own voice, but his real superpower is making sure also the other characters have their own voice… their own vices, their own layers of duplicity & humanity, their own backstories and what-not.

The art by Manuel Preitano had only one task: to keep up with Shand’s story. And Manuel Preitano made it so… and then some! The clear ligne with the lovely grays, the details and the use of white nothing (aka no details at all, let alone backgrounds) is making sure the story is being told exactly how it is supposed to come accross: grade-A quality.

DESTINY, NY VOLUME ON: WHO I USED TO BE, is the debut release from Continuity Entertainment, a creative collective that functions as an independent publisher and a film studio.

DESTINY, NY will be released through Continuity Entertainment on June 7th.

DESTINY, NY also includes short comics by singer/songwriter Katie Kuffel, NYC playwright Tanya Everett, film producer Ryan Fassett, and artists Rosi Kampe, Roberta Ingranata, Andrea Kendrick, and Phillip Sevy.

DESTINY, NY VOLUME ONE will be available for purchase on Amazon in the final week of May: https://www.amazon.com/Destiny-NY-Who-Used-Be/dp/0998658502/

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Preview pages above are random and mostly not in reading order.

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