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Review: DIE!namite #2

So, it has begun, the apocalypse. Zombies. Superheroes. Things are…NOT going well. Happening across time and space the plague has spread.

The story takes place across the entire ‘Dynamite Universe’, all at the same time.

Some of our heroes have already fallen as the rest look into the mysterious plague spreading everywhere.

Vampirella, while traveling to a colony on Mars, the captain of the ship she’s on brings on board a crippled vessel to see what caused it’s damage.

At the same time in the Hyborean Age, Red Sonja is hiding in an ancient temple trying to figure a way to get out with the help of, of all people/things, Smiley the psychotic button who tells her he knows how to get them out of there.

Back in our time and place Peter Cannon, The Thunderbolt has left the confines of his monastery to warn the people of the world about the coming plague and help destroy it. Just as Project Superpowers arrive to deal with the problem at hand.

As you might imagine NONE of these events are going particularly well. As they often do, the plague is moving beyond the control of even superheros as it engulfs not just them but the world and into the universe beyond. Heroes fall. The dead rise. And as of right now, it doesn’t look like a thing can be done to stop it.

So, 2 issues in and the storyline is kicking into high gear. The various character arcs are all handled incredibly well, breaking them down into small bite sized pieces before moving onto the next segment until coming back around full circle. Each segment of the story is very well done giving just enough room for the characters to each have a moment in the spotlight, moving the story along as we move on to the next place setting and character bit.

The timing and pacing of the story works in this type of format, spanning across the universe and time, and the writer is giving us enough to hold our attention as they juggle all the balls they’ve sent into the air. The handling of all the different attitudes and personalities doesn’t feel the same. Each character is distinct with their own voices..not an easy thing with so many characters each doing their own thing all at the same time.

The art is very nice, altho slightly different, which I’m assuming is down to the different inkers, is still close enough to not be too mismatched to pull you out of the story. A dark, scratchy, style that matches the story and tone with a dark color palette that keeps the eerie horror vibe regardless of the various settings and locations we’re in.

The timing and tone of the story seems to tie in, or at least seem inspired by, pretty much to the real life happenings in the world today with a global pandemic reaching even the most remote or far away places on the planet. And a little dark comedy aside by Pete Cannon about ‘super spreaders’ makes it all either funny or eye rolling annoying, depending on your view.

As someone not too familiar with the Dynamite Universe or even some of the characters involved I had no trouble following along and learning about them in the rapid fire cuts between storylines. If anything it makes me WANT to come back next issue to see what happens and how our heroes will save the day. So from a story telling point of view you can’t get much better than that.

I’m looking forward to next issue to see what’s going to happen, which heroes will fall, will any villains rise up to help, will humanity save itself or will it fall to the seemingly unstoppable plague.

To paraphrase the late great Stan Lee: come back next month true believers to find out.

The Team


Declan Shalvey

Fred Van Lente


Fred Van Lente


Vincenzo Carratu

Pasquale Qualano


Kike J. Diaz


Hassan Otsman-Elhaou


Lucio Parrillo

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