Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Richard Boom

Review: Evil Dead 2013

Evil_Dead_-_Custom_DVD_Cover_1When first I saw the Evil Dead movies – with the first dumb overacting Bruce Campbell and later the smart-ass overacting Bruce Campbell – you immediately felt the ridicule of these movies. Although the movies were shot with an upgraded budget for SFX over and over again, the core came to be ‘overacting and humour’ and it was a success.

The cult-status of this odd trilogy as well as the actor Bruce Campbell is legendary by now and almost unparalleled, other then with a rump like Star Wars for instance.

So when the remake was announced it felt odd to have Campbell not in the movie…

You have to look at this movie as the tongue-in-cheek overacting trilogy of years long lost past, because if you are looking for a nice gory movie, then … well then you are ALSO in for a treat, but you will never really ‘get’ it, I fear.

The gist is simple: couple of guys and doll get together in a really ugly cabin in the woods, where they found this awesome book. They read in the book and then shit hits the fan in most gory of ways!

Possessed people that are vomiting in each others faces and the response is “she just need some counselling” can only be interpreted as a means of getting that weird feeling of the old trilogy back… and it works!

GO have fun with this rump and then get back to the original cult-classics as well and let them put the BOOM in the stick!!


O… and yeah, I am recommending the 2013 of course! Just for that chainsaw doing its thing!!



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Richard is the driving force behind Comics for Sinners. His love and admiration for female comic book characters is virtually unparalleled, which immediately explains his biggest 'sin': his Hot Mummy fetish. This sketchbook theme is philogynistic in nature and even the source of his WIP comic book series "The Sisterhood".

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