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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Richard Boom

Review: Hit List #1

HitList01_coverDThis is how Zenescope made the synopsis read: Are we ever truly safe from evil? What if you had the means to play God, choosing who lives and dies? Threats exist all around us and the lives of so many have been ruined by others evil deeds. Now one man will seek vengeance for all those who share in his pain. When a group of professional killers is brought together in order to take out a crew of gangsters, what starts as a seemingly good plan spirals into something more threatening and deadly than anyone saw coming.

For once I am surprised about how odd the synopsis reads as compared to the first issue of Zenescope´s first non-fairy adventure. The synopsis tells not about the many hit-men and hit-women, nor the shady organizations we read about. It is not a bad thing, however, since I often also skip teasers/trailers and just go into the cinema without getting into all the hype, or even the feeling that you have seen the best parts in those trailers!

In Hit List the reader jumps in, knee deep and on the ground running and it does not let up the pace until the very last page.

We get introduced swiftly to many hit men and hit women with the organization behind them, as well as a few gangs and a couple of complications are thrown into the mix. The cliffhanger is scary as are swastika-tattood men all the time and the reader immediately gets ‘behind’ the hit-men running around the book.

Tedesco wrote a fast-paced debuting issue and due to the sexy and sharp artwork (not even mentioning the drool-factor of the covers) it reads like a charm. A few points of criticism can be made, mostly in regards to the many characters introduced and the underlying relationships are sometimes not really clear. I would have liked the different characters had come with recurring name-balloons or coloured word-balloons.

Other then that, please get me #2 asap, will ya?!


  • Words: Ralph Tedesco
  • Art: Sami Kivela
  • Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
  • Release Date: September 11, 2013
HitList01_coverB HitList01_coverC HitList01_coverA HitList01_coverE

Cover A By Jamie Tyndall

Cover B By Felipe Massafera

Cover C By Mike Krome

Cover D By Marat Mychaels

Incentive Cover By Elias Chatzoudis

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