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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: James Bond #7

JamesBond07-Cov-A-ReardonThis James Bond comic book is far more graphic than the movies ever dreamed of being. If anyone ever wondered what an R-rated James Bond movie might look like than grab this comic book. This story opens with a gangster named Hawkwood interrogating one of his thugs. It’s like a scene out of a Martin Scorsese gangster film. 007 once again meets with CIA agent Felix Leiter to discuss the current mission. Thus begins another great adventure in the annals of James Bond.

Creative Team:

Warren Ellis begins this issue with another great Bond villain. The aforementioned Hawkwood and he appears to be a mean bastard. He’s introduced in a scene that shows him torturing a lackey who is not very bright when it comes to the bosses business. We get a brief hint of Hawkwood’s past and how his face was disfigured without to much being revealed. A nice intro to the story. The middle drags a bit as we get the obligatory scenes which show the British Government discussing the mission and Bond is re-introduced to CIA agent Leiter. all in all a great set up for the rest of the story.

Jason Masters has become comfortable as the main James Bond comic book artist and his art has only gotten better with each issue. His Bond is generic enough and doesn’t really resemble any of the actors that have portrayed him on the silver screen. He uses shadows and contrast real well in the opening scene which appears to have been lit with a single light bulb. The way he draws Hawkwood reminds me of a young Rutger Hauer with a scarred face, particularly his performance in Blade Runner. Again, I don’t know if that was the intention or my imagination at work, either way I had fun reading this scene.

The Cover:

A very simple yet effective cover from Dom Reardon brings the close up of the Secret Agents gun. Bond himself is in the background holding that gun and walking toward the reader. His shirt is uncharacteristically un-tucked, but only slightly. His tie is (gasp) unclasped and blowing in the breeze. This James Bond is not exactly the same one portrayed in the 24 or 25 if you count Never Say Never Again, theatrical releases one sees at the theatre every couple of years. He’s still on her majesty’s secret service but slightly edgier than we’ve seen before. A good take on the character, not corrupt per se but not as trusting either.

In Conclusion:

The set up for this story is very promising. I can’t wait to find out more about Hawkwood’s back ground. he looks like one of the most evil villains Bond has faced in any medium. James also meets a new associate in the person of Candace Birdwhistle. In one of this issues more humorous moments Bond pulls up to her to introduce himself and she thinks he’s a stalker that’s trying to pick her up on a date. In true James Bond fashion several thugs show up and try to ruin his day, but, as always, he takes them out with ease. Upon checking their ID’s he finds that these weren’t just average every day thugs. Plus Candace discovers a vital clue to propel them forward, only they find themselves stuck in Los Angeles rush hour traffic! and the mystery begins. To be continued.

James Bond #7

Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Jason Masters
Colors: Guy Majors
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover: Dom Reardon
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication date: June 15, 2016

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