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Published on July 16th, 2018 | by Richard Boom


Review: Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet #1

A buxom babe genius, battling evil and inventing stuff on the go, now how cool is that?!

Solomon Hitch aka Halloween Man has been around for a while now, and much has been said about his team of friends and especially his girlfriend Lucy Chaplin, but never before has there been a complete issue solely on her adventures… till now!

In the first pages we can already see her ample bosom is discussed and well, FLAUNT IT, is the way to go really.

What happened to Lucy during her years in comics is that she was thought up by creator Edwards (you can read more about that in this interview) as buxom as she is now, but the first artist(s) just let that description move their own way, I guess… This kind reminds me on how Wally Wood drew Power Girl’s bust larger with each issue just to see if his editor would notice. But then the other way round I guess 🙂

Fun fact is that she is getting more and more playtime in comics as creator Drew Edwards seem to be repositioning her persona together with her relationship with her undead boyfriend Halloween Man.

On to this story here…

Lucy Chaplin is heralded on stage as fitness guru, mad genius (in a very positive way), plus-size model and more, and then some ass-hat in a silly suit (those cables? How easy would it have been for Lucy to grab those?) man-handles the presentation while yelling ridiculous “gender terrorism” crap. He takes on Lucy and wins this first round but we already know that Lucy will get back on her feet and kick that “son of Samson” leader where it hurts most. And that is exactly what happened!

The story is not the biggest surprise here, but the empowerment of females is. It is strong, forceful and fierce and it shows Drew Edwards has his heart in the right place. This is the real story: the power of women and how weak and sad men react to them.

lesson learned!

Also in this issue is Lucy showing her new inventions (too cool!!) and a complete real-life photoshoot.

This book is packed to the rim and it makes you want to read more on both Lucy and Solomon!

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Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet

Written by
Drew Edwards

Art by
Carla Carrasco
Riccardo Desini
April Guadiana
Dan Price
Evan Quiring

Evan Quiring

Colored by
April Guadiana
Celina Hernandez

Cover by
April Guadiana

Variant Cover by
Carla Carrasco

Lettered by
April Guadiana
Evan Quiring

Edited by
Jamie Bahr
Russell Hillman
Dan Price

Published by
JB Edwards

Leading Ladies
Science Fiction

About Book
Page Count
51 Pages for $4.99

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Richard is the driving force behind Comics for Sinners. His love and admiration for female comic book characters is virtually unparalleled, which immediately explains his biggest 'sin': his Hot Mummy fetish. This sketchbook theme is philogynistic in nature and even the source of his WIP comic book series "The Sisterhood".

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