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Published on January 17th, 2016 | by Richard Boom

Review: Postal #9

PO009-covBMaggie: “People here are more than what they seem. Or less.”

The minute I saw the parody of a Norman Rockwell painting at the beginning of this issue I knew I wanted to review it. I wasn’t disappointed. This issue begins with our protagonist, Molly, being kidnapped. Her kidnappers place a hood over her head and put her in the back seat of a car. As soon as she’s brought into a house the kidnappers let her take her hood off and tell her: “Welcome to Eden.” If you’re new to the series the Eden in question is a city in Wyoming.

Molly, leaving the house totally oblivious to her captors, goes for a walk and meets a series of interesting people. She starts signing along to SARAH MCLACHLAN’S “Possession” when she comes across Lance. She tries to avoid him but he grabs her wrist. Along comes the aforementioned Maggie who breaks it up and tells Lance to leave. Which brings us to the above quote. I don’t want to give away to much, but the local FBI office gets a new recruit named agent Bremble and chaos ensues throughout the rest of the issue. Writer Bryan Hill seems to be “Top Cow’s” answer to David Lynch.

Molly goes into a bar called McCarthy’s and orders a Shirley Temple, apparently she doesn’t drink. A goody two shoes right? The bar tender says to her “You can’t be as decent as you look, honey.” to which she replies: “Nobody is.” Someone offers to buy her a drink and she says “The light air is about to get heavy.” I will leave that scene right there but trust me, what happens next is quit shocking.

The influence of the 1990’s TV series “Twin Peaks” is eerily obvious. However “Postal” is so good on it’s own that I would not call it a rip off in any way shape or form. I would call it an homage to Lynch’s work. The issue is also reminiscent of NBC’s “Eerie Indiana,” though a warped and depraved homage to that particular series. The art is great, the pacing builds to a horrific climax, all in all, a fun read.

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