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Published on December 8th, 2015 | by Kevin Given

Review: Quest for the Time Bird HC

The-Quest-for-the-Time-Bird-Cover“One Conch to rule them all, One Conch to find them,
One Conch to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,”

whoops wrong fantasy my precious. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.This is a fun little story where our hero, Pelisse, has been given the task to bring a message to the legendary Knight Bragon. The fate of the land of Akbar depends on this misson so she hops on her Bird Lopwind and is off on a race against time. When Pelisse finally catches up to Bragon, he is upset that she wants him to undertake the quest until the hologram of her mother, Mara, is conjured up. She imparts to him that the evil Ramor was imprisoned in a conch for an undesignated amount of time, he is about to be released and he’s upset about being trapped like a genie in a bottle for a billion years or so.

The spell to keep him in the conch is too long which leads our hero’s on a quest for the time bird. The bird will allow them the time to complete the spell. Of course their journey is frought with peril and many dangers await them. There’s enough surprises and character growth to keep the reader glued to each page until the action packed finale. The art is top notch and has an almost “Prince Valiant” look to it. I think Hal Foster would have been pleased with this issue and the comparison is appropriate since the story has a medieval feel to it.

Part two is the “Temple of Oblivion.” This is the most dangerous place in all of Akbar, not even the Jaisirs who guard it would enter therein. Our hero’s must prevent the Jaisir from obtaining the book of spells. If they do get it the spell on Ramor’s conch will be useless and akbar will be doomed forever! As with most fantasies our heroes pick up other warriors on the way.

Part three is “Riga” Bragon appears to know this creature as he relates the nature of their quest to Riga. Riga is a well known warrior and has fought in every land. They must be allowed to journey to “The Pointing Peak” which is the home of the “Time Bird.” Riga allows our heroes to journey to the peak in peace, or does Riga have ulterior motives? Read on to find out my friends.

Part four is “The Egg of Darkness” enter the immortal Kiskill, a servent of the gods. She was put on the pointing peak by the humans. Kiskill reveals that an ancient prophecy tells that she was to lead the first human that came unto these parts, that human would be the chosen one. Pelisse is wary of Kiskill even as our heroes follow her to parts unknown. Even more disturbing, the time bird is said to be a myth. If there’s no time bird then Akbar is doomed! So now our heroes need to recover the egg of the time bird. If Ramor is freed than all is lost. will our heroes recover the time bird in time? Does the time bird even exist?

The classic tale from Serge Le Tendre and Regis Loisel originally published in the the Science Fiction magazine “Imagine” back in 1975 is re-imagined in full color. Since Peter Jackson has exhausted the J.R.R. Tolkien universe, someone should send him this graphic novel for his next film trilogy. ****

Quest for the Time Bird

Story by
Serge Le Tendre
Art by
Regis Loisel
Cover by
Regis Loisel
Titan Comics
Cover Price:

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