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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Samurai #2

Samurai#2_Cover B by David Mack“We’ll have to be evacuated from the Island… discreetly.” – Buddhist Monk.

Issue 2 Of Samurai is upon us. The Yakuza have enlisted the legendary Shobei to partake in the annual tournament on the Isle with no name. This isn’t just a sporting event; this tournament will decide the fate of the Islanders.

Enter Magobei, an aged warrior who is past his prime. His wife, who is dying, sees that he probably doesn’t have a chance against Shobei and begs Takeo to take Magobei’s place in the tournament. But Takeo is on his own quest and doesn’t want to abandon said quest. That was last issue, now let’s talk about issue 2.
The mysterious illness is striking more villagers and they are poorer than ever. If they lose this tournament, they won’t have the money to pay the Yakuza. Takeo is taken on a quest by a local monk where he finds an important member of his family whom he is hoping will give him more answers to his questions about the family. The Monk tells Takeo to avoid the gangsters.

Samurai#2_Cover A by Frederic GenetJean-Francois Di Giorgio brings us into the thick of things with Takeo, who wants to help the villagers as he has no love for the Yakuza and yet he’s on his own mission to discover secrets about his family. He is torn between aiding the villagers and solving his own mystery. He keeps the reader guessing as to what Takeo will do.

The art work from Frederic Genet Is brilliant as usual. Rendering each character with determination. These people mean business and it shows. His battle scenes flow with a certain grace and he knows how to draw the characters with a certain panache. He definitely knows martial arts characters. I can think of no other artist that I would want on this title.

There are two covers. One is by main artist Frederic Genet and shows Takeo with sword in hand poised for battle. The other is by David Mack which shows the Samurai standing with his hand on the sheathed sword and his head looking slightly downward, like he is trying to decide what to do. Both are brilliant oil paintings that should draw the reader into the universe of the Island with no name.

At the conclusion of this issue we are finally ready to enter the tournament. But who will Shobei fight? Takeo or Magobei? You’ll have to read on and find out. I can’t wait for the next issue. ****

Samurai #2

Writers: Jean-François Di Giorgio
Artist: Frédéric Genêt
Publisher: Titan Comics

FC – 32PP – $3.99
On Sale: April 13

Samurai_#2_PREVIEW Samurai_#2_PREVIEW2 Samurai_#2_PREVIEW3

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