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Published on May 14th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Samurai #3

Samurai-3-COVER-AIt’s Showtime! We are finally at the last battle, round one, between Shobei and Takeo on the Isle with no name. The first of three rounds begins and we see a Shobei that’s in top form. Takeo, however, has a lot on his mind. After the first round (no I’m not going to tell you who wins) He agonizes over finally finding his brother, who holds the answers that he seeks, only to discover that he has amnesia. All of this weighs on his mind as they enter the second round. Will Takeo ever discover the answers that he’s seeking about his past? Can he forget about his personal problems long enough to gain the upper hand against Shobei since the villagers lives depend on him?

Jean Francois Di Giorgio has drawn us into this universe and made us care about the characters. The first round ends quickly as we get into Takeo’s plight. We see the Yakuza lord abusing his young female servant once again and we want Takeo to take this bastard out in the worst way. Di Giorgio brings out the anger in these characters and gives us a reason to want justice served for the Islanders. Can Takeo take Shobei in the second round? The results are confusing as Shobei behaves in a way that is uncharacteristic for him. What does he have up his sleeve. A great story all around and we finish this issue wanting to get to the final part.

Frederic Genet gives us epic fight scenes between the two legends. His art is impeccable. his pencils and inks bring the characters alive in a way that I don’t think any other artist could do with this title. He is an awesome martial arts artist. The scenes are breathtaking full of textured colors and sketching. It feels more like an art gallery than a comic book. If your a fan of anime definitely check out this series. It isn’t anime per-se but it reminds you of anime.

The cover is fantastic and should make the reader want to buy this issue. It is a Samurai, we’re not sure if it’s Shobei or Takeo as he is in full battle gear with his sword drawn and face covered. He almost looks like a predator. It’s snowing and he’s walking confidently towards his opponent. Assured in his stance of victory.

The conclusion of this issue sees Shobei facing the Yakuza lord who is angry with him about the Tournament so far. The Doctor visits the Yakuza lord and we see him covered in a mysterious rash. Can he be cured? We’re about to see the third and final round when Shobei sends Takeo a message. He wants the final duel to be a fight…TO THE DEATH! To be continued.

Samurai #3

Writer: Jean Francois Di Giorgio
Artist: Frederic Genet
Colorist: Delphine Rieu
Letters: Cat Connery
Publisher: Titan Comics
Date of Publication: May 11, 2016
Cover Price: $3.99

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