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Published on July 19th, 2016 | by Richard Boom

Review: Scarlett Couture TPB

Scarlett_GNStill as astonishing as can be delicious in visuals and equally in story. I feel like I am repeating myself but when I reviewed #1-2 a while back, I kept saying things like “Scarlett Couture feels like a mix of Danger Girls, Sin City, Superman” and “the fresh vibe you get from his use of colors, clean thick inks, the use of photographs, partly repeating panels to get a dynamic movie-feel” which I still stand by.

Also this can be repeated as well: “Storywise you are hipdeep in intrigue and action, but Taylor manages to use a lot of dialogue and voice-over to create a backdrop of authenticity to all the big characters involved, making this a treat to read as well as drowning in the visuals.

What Des Taylor created here is a full and well-rounded (pun intended) story with deception, family values, good vs bad, intrigue, excitement and visually he made it as appealing as can be, with his use of slick clean linework and stunning use of digital effects & coloring.

But mind you, this story is much more layered then Danger Girls for instance. Not that DG intends more, but with SC you will get more villainy, more layers to a story, more character depth, more modern spy-ing, more of it all really.


Am I going overboard with this review? Perhaps. Might be because I met this guy a few times and he is just a great guy to have around. In that case you sometimes get jaded and that might color my sentiments on this actual product.

Do I care? Nope. Not really. Comics are a special flavour and I devour it in my own style and setting and a personal connection just adds to the taste, I think.


Bottom line? With stunning retro-art, great dialogue and story, the feel of a good action-spy movie, this comic really needs to be checked out. It might not be YOUR flavour, but it might just be… you will never know till you taste it!

Scarlett Couture TPB

COVER BY: Des Taylor
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
PRICE: $19.99
ON SALE: now!!!


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