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Published on July 20th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Pink #2

Sherlock_Manga_ASIP_02_Cover_AThis issue opens with Dr. Watson reminiscing about his first meeting with the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Holmes uses his deductive skills to ascertain that Watson is visiting his brother, Harry and bringing him a gift. He also notes, correctly, that Watson doesn’t get along with his brother who is divorcing his wife Clara. It’s always fun watching Holmes at his peak performance in detective skills.

The Creative Team

Steve Moffat continues to brilliantly adapt his television screenplay to the comic book medium. Contrary to popular belief this isn’t that easy of a chore. The breaks in television are usually done with the first one in ten minutes the second one in fifteen and another one in twenty while comic books are breaks every 20 pages or so. If you’ve seen the episode this is based on, then there really isn’t too much different with this adaptation but if you’re a fan of Holmes and comic books it’s good to have. All in all a great read and I believe it’s the only Sherlock Holmes title out there at this time.
Jay’s art is brilliant as always. His characters resemble the actors they’re based on, as they should and he’s able to bring each scene to vivid life. This issue is more talk than action so there isn’t a whole lot of special scenes to fawn over. But it’s still great work and hopefully the action will pick up in the next issue.

The Cover:

Simple yet effective. We see a close up of Dr. Watson with a grim, serious look on his face. He’s dressed warm with a turtleneck sweater and a jacket on. This, of course, lets us know that it’s taking place in one of the colder months and tells the comic store surfer that more serious detective work is a-foot.

In Conclusion:

This issue is a little slower than the first one and gets bogged down a bit in detail. Which is what a fan of Sherlock Holmes can expect as we generally see our protagonist in every story give his greatest deductive reasoning. Fun for the fans, not so much for the newcomer to the whole Holmes experience but another body does show up and we gain vital clues to the solving of this story so it is a must read for anyone that wants to know what happens. ***

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Pink #1

Writer: Steve Moffat
Art: Jay
Letters: Amoona Saohin
Publisher: Titan comics
Publication date: July 13 2016

Sherlock 2 Preview 1 Sherlock 2 Preview 2 Sherlock 2 Preview 3

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