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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Richard Boom

Review: Simmons Comics Anthology

SimmonsComicsAnthology_FinalCoverGene Simmons is famous for his part in the KISS mythology. Guys with hair as big as a lion, make-up that would stop many drag-queens in their tracks, goth/fetish clothing that would embarrass many goth. Their music is good on the ear, their performance is true entertainment and the myth will most likely live on long after they are gone.

And one of the main contributors to this success is Gene Simmons. And the fact that Kiss has spawned many comics (especially the Image era is stunning, overwhelming and brilliant!) as well as Simmons being an amazing comic fan himself (the 2-finger Rock-gesture Simmons is famous for, is actually a Dr. Strange and/or Spider-Man gesture) does help the cause of this particular fan-boy!

And now Gene took the next step and together with Arcana and via his own Simmons Comic Group they are launching a new Anthology in which we have action/adventure, horror, sci-fi and loads of drama.

The anthology is set up with the first chapters of both Zipper, Dominatrix, their crossover and 2 completed horror-story to bring that fulfilling feeling to the end of your reading momentum.

Zipper is sci-fy with a dark twist in which an alien is fleeing his home planet after he feels his individuality is compromised. Of course he will end up on our lovely blue water-y planet called Earth and here he will meet some shady characters he will connect with.

Dominatrix is about a strong passionate lady who gets paid for SM-practices in which she is the boss and her clients are paying her to be dominated. Add in some superpower-in-a-pill, the fact that some sinister agency tries to come after her and the fact that her working clothes can double for one amazing superhero-suit… precipice for success!

Zipper/Dominatrix is the first part of the crossover and handles with the issue of human trafficking… with some quirky stuff mixed in.

The horror-stories are solid stories that have some interesting twists that make it worth the time, for sure!

The art on all these issues are solid, although the coloring of crossover came out to dark (printer problem or the colorist himself) in the darker parts of the story which made for a little glitch but overall the entertainment value of this oversized anthology is a true one!

I for one would love to read more on Zipper and Dominatrix.


  •    Words: Erik Hendrix, Tom Waltz, Sean Taylor, Gene Simmons
  •     Art: Yanis Roumboulias, Casey Maloney, Flavio Hoffe
  •     Publisher: Arcana
  •     Price: $14.99
  •     Release Date: August 7, 2013

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