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Published on July 15th, 2016 | by Kevin Given

Review: Star Trek # 59

startrek_59Here’s a clever idea. What if characters from Star Trek’s TOS timeline switched places with their counterparts in the new timeline? The issue opens with Chris Pine’s Kirk waking up on William Shatner’s enterprise, he’s wondering if this is a dream or not, then we cut to William Shatner’s Kirk waking up on Chris Pine’s enterprise and wondering the same thing. Both Captains wind up on the bridge of their counterparts. Chris Pine’s Kirk is wondering if Q is back and causing problems while William Shatner’s Kirk is wondering if Trelane (The Squire of Gothos) is on his ship. It’s a variation of the mirror universe idea. so far it’s a fun read.

Creative Team

Mike Johnson seems to want fans of the original series, the ones who dislike the re-boot, to come around and accept the new universe. He may also want new fans who may not have seen the original to find respect for the source material and check out what has gone on before. It’s a clever rouse and the meshing of the two universes makes for some humorous situations. Perhaps the most amusing scene is when Leonard Nimoy’s Spock wakes up next to Zoe Saldana’s Uhura and vice versa. Since there was never a romance between the original series characters the reaction from Saldana’s Uhura is one of confusion and annoyance when Spock calls her lieutenant and says he shouldn’t be here. While Nichelle Nichols Uhura is downright shocked and a little scared when she wakes up next to Zachary Quinto’s Spock. Johnson is having a good time in skewering the two timelines.

Tony Shasteen proves why he is the definitive Star Trek artist. In the past many artists who have worked on the various Star Trek titles didn’t always match the characters to the actors who have played them very well. Shasteen’s versions are spot on. His renderings of both time lines look exactly like the actors who have played them which makes the story a helluva lot more fun. watching Chris Pines Kirk take William Shatner’s bridge with a look of confusion is a riot and the same is true when Shatner’s Kirk took over Pine’s bridge. All in all, the creative team, as always, is in top form.

The Magnificent 7 in outer space for this cover! A great illustration of the original crew with the enterprise in the background. Energy rays are bathing the entire cover creating an action feel that seems to be calling out to fans of the original series. It is a nice cover but doesn’t really reflect what’s going on inside the issue. What may have worked better is seeing the original crew reflecting the new crew or something to that effect. But it’s still a nice cover that should pull in original fans.

Another anomaly in space wreaks havoc with two generations of the Enterprise crew (you’d think they’d stop investigating these after a while. lol) The two crews are finally complete and intact in their own universes and we have the obligatory scene in the briefing room where the phenomenon is explained, which, of course is more for the readers benefit than the characters. It’s a good set-up for the next chapter which promises to be the series finale. Reading that last part made me sad. Does this mean IDW is going to stop doing Star Trek comics? I guess we’ll find out next issue.


Star Trek #59

Story by
Mike Johnson
Art by
Tony Shasteen
Colors by
Davide Mastrolonardo
Letters by
Andworld Design
Cover by
Tony Shasteen, Josh Adams, Adam Guzowski,

Cover Price:
Release Date
Jul 13th, 2016

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