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Published on June 30th, 2014 | by Richard Boom

Review: Tarzan – In The City of Gold

tarzan+city+of+gold_cvrThere is not a darn thing mis-said in the words of the publisher:”This is the first of four exclusive volumes that will collect all of Hogarth’s newspaper strips. Beginning with the adventures “Tarzan in the City of Gold” and continuing with “Tarzan and the Boers,” Hogarth and writer Don Garden hit the ground running, and produced some of the most acclaimed stories ever to appear in the pages of newspapers worldwide.”

This oversized first volume of a collection for the Hogarth’s most epic run is truly a gem. The production is just breathtaking with a nice paper weight and great binding. The remastering has been done very elaborate, making the artwork jump out from the pages. You can see some minor quality fluctuations, perhaps due to the original material this was done with, but it just adds to the charm, really.

Tarzan’s adventures are oldskool in that most stories center around the hero Tarzan. A hero who is pretty one-dimensional in that he just does not ask questions but rather acts on impulse only. Funny thing is that around the ladies he has ZERO impulses so it seems, unless these ladies need saving and are objects of distress, danger, peril and crimes.

Tarzan also does not ask about the secret hideouts, the Amazonian cultures, the hidden treasures and all of their origins. Tarzan overcomes every struggle, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his trail and making no distinction between carving up animals or men, since all are beasts in his eyes, I guess.

Hogarth’s artwork is cult-wise highly regarded and this amazing set of four Library-books are certain to turn some heads, whether you love the good ole classic comic strips, newspaper cartoons, pulp heroes, Tarzan in general or just use this book as coffeetable accessory!


Tarzan – In The City of Gold (Vol. 1)
The Complete Burne Hogarth Sundays and Dailies Library

RRP £29.99, $39.99

Product Details

ISBN: 9781781163177
Dimensions: 324 x 246mm
Hardback: 168pp
Publication date: 9 May 2014
All authors:
Don Garden , Burne Hogarth

Tags: , ,

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