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Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Richard Boom

Review: Ragdoll Volume 1 The Curse of Ragdoll

ragdoll The eerie yet official introduction tells about ” In a mountainous region of eighteenth century Romania, something waits in the shadows. Something inhuman. Something on a supernatural mission of revenge. She calls herself “Ragdoll,” a grotesque mockery of life, stitched together from corpses and given a semblance of life through an unholy union of science and occult magicks, a living dead doll seeking vengeance on those who killed the women whose body parts have been incorporated into her being.”

And to add the warning was a good gesture: This graphic novel contains strong language, gore, nudity and adult situations!
The warning is obvious! This is not a book you want your under-aged kids to read. I do not mean that in a European (a bare boob is nothing) or an American stance (gore is too gore), but simply put ” this is not for under-aged kids!

To get into the story now, this is the story of Ragdoll, some sort of Frankenstein’s monster but with every part of her new body screaming out for vengeance. Each part of her body was part of a girl or woman who has been done wrong. Each chapter of The Curse of Ragdoll is set out as revenge on those who did that person wrong. Each chapter is filled with power-sick man, struggling women, and the wrong that has been done here. Ragdoll is here to set things straight and it all is done in a very creative yet accurate fashion, especially when learning the facts.

The story is told by a mountaineer who discovers a frozen/iced-up Ragdoll and reads the diary and to him is the decision to thaw her out and set her on her path of vengeance once more (to be continued in Volume 2). Those final pages, when the mountaineer is contemplating on what to do, are amongst the best I have ever seen. The tension, the suspense and the bold sexy artwork in glorious black&white is something else…

The art is luscious and in lovingly black and white fashion, with great booby and booty-shots to balance out all the gore! The story is filled to the rim with dialogue and diary excerpts making this more then a comic, and almost a novel on itself.

I surely want to see the next volume in my hands ASAP, please!

You can order Ragdoll Volume 1 The Curse of Ragdoll at Amazon here.

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