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Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by Richard Boom


Review: The Surgeon #1 (of 5)

The Surgeon #1 is set about 15 years after the world fell apart. Think radiation, think Mad Max, think super-storms instead of seasons…

Meet Jenny Hannover, a nomadic physician who is trying to balance her calling as a healer with the necessity of killing for survival.

In Chapter 1, Turtle Island, we follow Doc Hanover as she answers a call for medical help that takes her to the South Dakota’s Black Hills, where she finds a surprisingly prosperous and peaceful fort.

Created and written by John Pence, The Surgeon has now been brought to life by the Unlikely Heroes Studios team! Zack Dolan, Laurie Foster, Eve Orozco, and Erek Foster are bringing you this adventure of guns, swords, fists, booze, scalpels, laughs, and maybe a few portions of fish&fries.

When opening up the book (sure, I prefer the paper version, but that is being worked on via Kickstarter) on my computer, the intensity on each panel and the clarity of colors, combined with some nifty details in each panel, immediately strike outward. This book has just the right balance on an Indy-comic feel (independent, thought-through, non-franchise, non-superhero) without lacking in the art-department, which sometimes is the first gripe in picking up a new book.

The fight-scenes, the details in the background (not Darrow-intense or Amanda Conner-funny but more then enough to keep watching beyond what is happening in the foreground), the surroundings, the hair on the horse, the fierce looks, the hangover-look… it makes every page a joy to discover! Add to this the rest of the art-team making sure it compliments the experience of the book itself it makes even the skies, the setting of the sun and the reflections via a sharp blade part of this experience. It really hits that high-end mark for me!

The story on itself is pretty introductory for #1, but sets up some great action moments for future issues, so it never lets down. We have Doc Hanover first making herself known as a badass physician with her no-bullshit manners. Hannover’s trip to the Black Hills also makes sure readers get a sense of surroundings/bearings and how everthing went down 15 years ago. Hannover coming to Turtle Island with the introduction of all the people inside is just a blast, especially during the party-scene and with the introduction of the colorful blacksmith Smithy. The fun part in all of this is noticing the writer gives each different persona a truly unique voice. Kudos to that!

Nothing negative at all? Well, sure there is the odd thing here and there.
Like why have all the livestock outside of the Turtle-stronghold. That would make it really easy to just steal the cattle by predators as well as raiding parties.
Like why have the stronghold made up from wooden spikes. Too easy to put fire to and why not just create a brick wall or a metal wall or whatever?
And the odd placement of the word-balloons of that guy who shot the arrow, but has no bow. Better to hand that dialogue over to the guy holding the crossbow!

All in all, this might be that gem in your collection, this gem that you will want to show others. To share comics is to love comics. n’est-ce pas?

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