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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Richard Boom

Review: Über, Vol.1

UberV1TPBIn reading the first collection of ÜBER your blood will chill, that is for sure! This is not a story to be taken lightly nor will you feel good about yourself when you put this collection down.

From Avatar comes the PR: The first collection of KIERON GILLEN’s breakout hit reinvention of the alternative history genre is finally here!  April 24, 1945, the world holds its breath as the war is only days away from ending.  Russian troops move through Germany to the final objective – Hitler himself.  As those around the mad dictator crumble, the much ridiculed threats of the “Wunderwafen” finally materialize.  A new weapon is delivered, one with unstoppable power a weapon like no other and with a madman pulling the trigger.  The Ubers change the direction of World War II providing a dark and uncompromising alternative history in a way that you’ve never seen.  Kieron Gillen and Caanan White deliver one of the best new series of 2013 collected in a 176 page trade paperback.  Uber Vol 1 collects issues #0-5 the startling first chapter of this new horror series that re-imagines the super soldier in a stark new bloody vision.

Writer Kieron Gillen firstly impresses by using a telling technique which feels more like the the log-files during the war, guided media ramblings even. The dialogue is ‘big’ and makes sure you will not fall asleep because just one second diversion and you will have to reread the last few pages, to get back in. This is a good thing, by the way.

The story is brutal. Period.

German scientists have developed a Super-Serum which makes for Pantzermensch (big strong one-man tank) and even a singular Super-mensch called Strikeforce, named such because they can single-handedly BE an army strong. Luckily for the Allied Forces there is a mole in the German division, so they also are prepping Super-People.

In the midst of all this conspiracy, the propaganda, the political field, the obvious war-crimes, there is a feeling of despair, desolation dripping from the pages of this book. The sheer massacre begs the question if this war in this Alternate Universe will ever be able to stop, adding Super-Soldiers in the fray. And that is the exact question you need to ask yourself, as reader: What If?!

If you want something else, something that will hit you like a train-wreck, that will turn your stomach yet will tintilize your brain, then I full-heartedly will tell you: BUY THIS!

If  you want to buy your kids a cool comic: please step aside, move along and get something less innocence-shattering!

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