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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Richard Boom


Review: Vampirella V4 #1

Done right, Vampirella’s a perfect blend of goth and glamour, of horror and heroine, of sex and savagery. ~ Joe Jusko

That is just what I think everyone should realize. And with Vampirella of course you also need to address surroundings, side-characters to make sure all is in balance. And although folks/fans mostly hate retcons/reboots, they are a means to an end and just sometimes make a character spice up again, light up again… and with a fresh approach in both art and story a character like Vampirella has survived for decades.

When first introducing Vampirella she was introduced as a lost refugee from the planet Drakulon, or as the (amnesiac) daughter of Lilith or thrust into a fairy realm or a steampunk alternative reality, or as the vampire-chaser, … it was all done in a fashion in which the readers and fans could see Vampirella as that blend of goth, glamour, horror, heroine, sex and savagery which Joe Jusko spoke about.

So now a new Vampirella-reboot-retelling (check the #0 review here) has surfaced. This time Vampirella finds herself in a far future, where human-like creatures with black blood awaken her. And while the story feels good and feels like it COULD work, I do feel myself hesitant about really embracing this new venture.

And perhaps it does not even has to do with how the story is progressing, since Vampirella is still a bad-ass lady who is never shy to get into new territory and mark her ground. Vampirella as character is still the lady I adore.

When I think about all the elements contributing to this new storyline, I think I miss an editor pointing out things to the artist (or writer), if I am being honest.

I mean: Vampirella taking off into the sky without her wings? I think not! A city with skyscrapers with dildo’s on the side? Please hint that this will be an integral part of the story! Vampirella discovering this new world and all her questions are in thought-balloons… but she does not question those dildo’s all over the place? Yeah, right!


And although I think the idea of her new logo (blood smeared on the dress) is lovely creative in a gore kinda fashion and really works out great, the one thing that bothers me immensely is her fug-ugly new (short) hairdo and that non-sexy dress!

Let me show you a few examples why I think Vampirella works…

The girls look tough, voluptuous, strong, fierce, sexy… the right amount of attitude and edgy sexiness.

So really I am not addressing the storyline yet (although dildo’s?) since Vampirella seems to be as bad-ass as ever.
I am also not addressing the art yet even… I am just missing the love I think. The attention it needs. And this sure as hell has got to be the ugliest face with the ugliest hairdo ever!

If the cover-image was used in the sense of hairdo, then it might have worked but it just felt wrong most of the panels. And an editor should have picked up on that.

I am sure the dildo’s on skyscrapers and on the dressed-up folks will be explained (really intriguing how this will be explained in a good way since it reads ‘bad taste’ all over the place) in issues to come, but the hairdon’t is a thing I just cannot overlook and had to address.

OK… so storywise? How did #1 treat fans of comics and Vampirella alike? Well, much introduction to this new world and basically a lot of questions arise and most are said aloud (or thought-ballooned) but not yet answered, so the mystery surely is unfolding.

Where do the ghosts of dead people go to upon departing this plane? Why is their blood black and lovely? What is meaning of this death adoration? Why are they speech-impaired? Guess I will have to check out the next issue… it still is Vampirella after all!


Vampirella #1

writer: Paul Cornell
artist: Jimmy Broxton
covers: Philip Tan (a), J. Scott Campbell (b), Joseph Michael Linsner (c), Dangrrr Doll Cosplay Cover (d)
subscription cover: Jimmy Broxton
incentive covers: Jimmy Broxton (B/W art), Philip Tan (B/W art),
Cosplay (“virgin art”), Joseph Michael Linsner (“virgin art”),
J. Scott Campbell (“virgin art”)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+


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