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Published on March 7th, 2016 | by Richard Boom

Review: Vampirella Vol.3 #1

Vampivol3-01-Cov-B-AnacletoDynamite Entertainment is providing the world with a new start of Vampirella with Vampirella Vol. 3 #1, in stores March 2, 2016.

In Vampirella Vol. 3 #1 writer Kate Leth takes Vampirella to the City of Angels, Hollywood and sets our favorite crimson hero together with lover&werewolf Tristan and servant&chauffeur Coleridge in a new ghastly mansion.

Right after their arrival the couple is already under attack and when diverting the danger, Rella is captured on film and within hours is on everyone’s news feed.

Now how will Rella keep her hunting and slaying of beasties up, with all the media attention she is getting? She needs to have an agent of course!

When Dynamite first introduced the new outfit (check images) designed by Nicola Scott, the Vampirella Legion went a little agitated and as is with the current state of the world (where social media runs amok) made more of it, then it should be. If you for instance count panels/pages the original costume still gets most airplay/screentime as the writer knows the iconic character of Vampirella is also due to the costume as much as the liberated and fiesty character traits of Vampirella as well as her curves and her ‘bite me’ repartee.

Writer Kate Leth made a solid new start to a new series of one of the coolest ladies in comics and with the amount of one-liners, sexiness, adventures, monsters and bedtime-romances she brought to only these first pages, I am confident she will make this new series a worthy one!

Artist Eman Casallos is doing a fine enough job. Not a high-flier and the pencils are not clean enough for my personal tastes but with the amount of facial expressions, choosing of angles, action sequences Casallos used I can honestly say the story was done justice.


Vampirella Vol. 3 #1

writer: Kate Leth
artist: Eman Casallos
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+


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